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MrBBonz 05-04-2005 08:04 AM

Some Starter Issues
I was wondering if anyone knows engine blocks real well, so here goes.
I have a 1979 nova project under way. 350th transmission with a pre 1975 350 v8. I always thought that all chevy engines ran with the 168 tooth fly wheel and the appropriate starter, turns out (after alot of asking around) that I should try the smaller 153 tooth flywheel and change the starter. Well it worked Like a charm, it turns over like a 2005 car. I was just wondering why this would be, I thought that flywheel only went on the old powerglides. This may just be a silly young person question that I am over looking though ;).
Oh and when I changed the flywheel I put it on backwards and had to take the transmission back off AGAIN :) Thats a good move by me :)

bracketeer 05-04-2005 08:18 AM

You can get both flywheels on 350s. The 400s come with the larger and the 283 with the smaller. The older 400s do not have the straight bolt pattern for the starter. You have to drill a hole and tap it. Especially if you want to use a mini-starter. I am going to check for a staggered bolt mini-starter.

bet on black 05-04-2005 08:32 AM

what is the best way to figure out what flywheel you have with the engine/tranny already in the car?

i bought the engine/tranny already built. it is a 350 bored/stroked to a 385 with a th350 tranny. it cam out of a 78 camaro, but i have not idea if it was the stock block. it has both starter patterns on it. the starter from the 305/th350 that was in my 77 nova before the swap, grinded and died soon after putting it on the new motor.

barnym17 05-04-2005 09:44 AM

you can get a stock mini starter with the staggered bolt holes, 95 3/4 ton pickup with 454, or some 4.3 had them also.

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