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59chevyapache 11-24-2004 11:31 PM

Something is terribly wrong !!! HELP!!
I had a completely dead distributor in my engine and my car needed to be rewired. So when i got the truck rewired i decided to go to a msd billet dist and a 6AL box with blaster coil. Anyways i get the truck back and OMG it is so much more powerful. It went from barely being able to chirp the tires off the line to being able to light them up at 15 mph, and no traction till 20-25. So im having fun with my truck after not having it for 2 weeks and i floored it down this road. When i turned off the road i hit the gas to go around the turn and the car just started shaking a **** LOAD and making this horrible really rough low sound like grinding. Does anybody have anyclue what happen it smooths out if you get it to go to second gear. Also i dont think theres too much power before the ignition it only made 180 at the wheels and 250 ft pounds and this is a TH350
thanks in advance,

rally4x4racer 11-25-2004 10:56 AM

need more info
does it only shake in 1st under load?
when in neutral or park does it do the same thing?
if its indicative of RPM you likely have an ignition prob, if its only in first gear then a tranny prob. my guess is you got on it while in fisrt and messed something mechanical up. (causing the problem only in first gear)

how old is the th350 and converter?


59chevyapache 11-25-2004 02:47 PM

it only does it in first under load like taking off we just idled it home and when your just cruising with no gas it doesnt do it and it does not in neutral and park. I dont know how old the converter is. But it only does it in first under load but theres still something wrong in second but not nearly as bad. Its definatly not the ignition before the tranny blew this thing was rippin but i only floored it for about 2 seconds three times before it went out.

scholman 11-25-2004 02:54 PM


I would check the transmission mount and the motor mounts. Maybe now that you have all this power the old tired mounts gave up the ghost. This would cause the drive line to get out on alignment and make all kinds of noises.

Let us know what you find.

59chevyapache 11-25-2004 06:34 PM

i dont think its the drive line because if your just coasting its fine or if you get into second it goes away.

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