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Originally Posted by Tech @ BG
Actually we do not know your carburetor was defective as you never gave us the opportunity to look at it. Yes, you did have a problem but you only checked for a vacuum leak and then made up your mind you were returning it to the outlet where it was purchased and did not give us the opportunity to diagnose what was going on. As stated in the other thread this was not a common problem as the car should not run for 7 minutes and then go lean all by itself. A carburetor does not work that way. You can continue to bash us but lets give them the whole story as we even offered to exchange it for a different one . As stated we are here to help those we can and we offered the same to you and you declined. Don't really know what else we could have done for you at that point. I think there was more going on than you have told us and everyone in all the forums you posted on as other members were suspicious as well.For those that may have an issue feel free to pm , email or call us and we will work with you to correct the problem.
Well BG tech guy - with what you just said you are starting to get me angry! You call it bashing - I call it stating facts:

1. I have a working tuned Holley carb with a A/F ratio meter used for reference. The car works with the Holley - felt through the gas pedal and the A/F meter. Change the carb to the BG - only and only change the carb - nothing else - after seven minutes the car drives in a very lean condition - felt through the gas pedal and seen on the A/F meter. Then increase the jet sizes on both the primary and secondary 8 and 9 sizes - to be equally jetted with my Holley. Restart - same problem. You have forgotten that I have been doing this for years (tuning Holley's). I did everything that you can tune on the outside of the carb. I changed back to the Holley that same day - car drove normal. Changed back to the BG - same problems. Tried the carb cleaner spraying for external vacuum leaks - none found. Added a non-conductive spacer to see if heat was causing the problem. Same problems after restart. Do not type like I just put on the carb - it needed an adjustment that anyone could do and I'm just a beginner and didn't do it and then got mad and sent it back.

2. While I was waiting for the carb to arrive in the mail to me - I looked on several forums and saw many many people's anger about their problems with BG. I started getting a little worried especially since I hadn't researched those forums until after I had ordered the BG carb.

3. The carb arrived - and you can see from my post here at this forum the problems I had with it out of the box. After reading all of the problems which I had too - my first one from BG - I kicked myself - and did not want to deal with BG ever again. That is why I didn't send it to them so they could test it on a flowbench that has vacuuming properties but probably not heat like when the carb is really attached to a motor and say that no problem could be found and that it's my motor's fault. The way this BG tech is saying that he doesn't know that it's his carb's fault even after my posting on the circumstances (Holley - switch to BG - put back on the Holley, etc)

Lean problems with BG Speed Demon carb

warns me about dealing with BG. And believe me BG will get the carb with my description of the problem written on the invoice when the vendor sends it to you for their credit!

4. As far as suspicions from other members? Where? When they didn't trust my A/F meter? They don't understand what the word "reference" means and how it pertains to using meters like that. Same thing with a tachometer. What I read on my tach is not God himself validating the extreme correctness of the tach's needle - it is just a reference tool. I can feel the difference when the tach says 2000rpm versus 2500rpm. Is it off by a few rpm? Of course it is.

So me and the BG tech guy don't go round and round - I promise that I won't talk about BG anymore on any forums - so if you post a reply to this or that post of mine I will ignore it. If anyone to my face asks me about BG stuff I will tell them to buy Holley or Edelbrock.

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