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djboen 03-23-2008 05:37 PM

speedo in 1956 f100
i just ordered a new speedo cable and installed it in my 56 ford f100, which has a 302 engine and AOD tranny. the speedo was making a terrible grinding noise when i took it around the block. i loosened and reconnected the cable at the back to the speedometer, it then was bouncing all around and stuck at 90 mph and now won't move---help


Deuce 03-23-2008 06:56 PM

Sounds like it the new cable was not lubricated properly to me ... or the speedometer has dried out and locked up.

Was the speedometer working before the new cable ??


djboen 03-23-2008 08:37 PM

56 f100 speedo
i don't know if the speedo was working previously, I just bought the truck 2 months ago, and am in the process of assembling it. I will try and lube it tomorrow--any special type of lube??


Deuce 03-23-2008 11:44 PM

NAPA has a speedometer cable lube ... as does most decent real parts houses.

I bought mine years ago and have done 8 or 10 cables and still have some lube left :D

djboen 03-24-2008 06:33 AM

56 f100 speedo
i'll stop at NAPA today, and pickup some lube, thanks for your help


Deuce 03-24-2008 08:46 AM

If lubing the speedometer cable does not fix the problem, the head may be locked up. I had a 40 Ford that I bought with no speedometer cable. I bought the correct cable and lubed it. The speedometer worked for less than a block. :smash: I believe the cable was removed to disguise the fact that the speedometer was not working. SO ... I bought a NOS one from Dennis Carpenter Ford in Charlotte NC. Installed it ( it was pretty ;) ) and it was not any better than the old locked up one. Sitting on the shelf for 60 plus years was not good for it. Dennis Carpenter offered a refund :thumbup: but I kept it and sent it off to a speedometer repair service where it was cleaned and lubed. Worked great ... when installed the second time.

Hope the cable lubrication works for you.



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