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Stangman196700 05-30-2006 12:03 AM

spot welder
i have a 67 mustang that i currently have stripped down, the body only has rust in the cowl and i also need to install a new radiator support due to an accident the car had. i was thinking of buying a spot welder from eastwood to do the repairs. im new to bodywork and just wanted something to help me repair those 2 spots and also shave the doors. will this product work or is it a waste of money.

Or what about this one

any info would be great

MARTINSR 05-30-2006 02:05 PM

Junk, childrens toys. Before I bit the bullet and bought a MIG I bought one of these pieces of junk. Forget it, there is no cheap way out.


oldred 05-30-2006 03:22 PM

The ONLY thing amazing about that piece of crap is that they can still sell it after all these years. It is junk, you would be far better off with a good name brand Mig outfit like a Lincoln, Miller or Hobart. My personal favorite is the Lincoln but most people like Miller, either way anything will beat that junk even a cheap Harbor Freight Mig.

satexasf150 05-30-2006 09:24 PM

For the price of those you could get you a really nice mig welder on EBAY. I got a Lincoln Weld Pak 100 delivered to my door (slightly used) for 180. I later converted it to mig and use the snot out of if. I love that mig welder. Check out ebay

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