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alteredpilot 06-26-2005 04:31 PM

spray gun tuning help please..
read the primer (npi) in the FAQ thread, but i'm having some other issues.
i'm using a vaper hvlp detail spray gun with a 1.0 tip and i'm spraying the new version of auto air colors. i've tried from 35-55 psi and i'm getting the better atomization at 55. still getting some spattering though.
i did a spray out test and one of two things is happening: either the spray pattern looks more like a banana or a turd than a cigar, a little curved and or the pattern is canted (adjusted the fan tip thingy to compensate)
OR it looks more like a q-tip than a cigar...fat on the ends and light in the middle....
any direction>??

oh yeah....never shot any kind of paint out of a gun in my life so please esplain to me like i'm in the 2nd grade.

kenseth17 06-26-2005 04:57 PM

Is this a brand new spray gun you are using? Sounds like a couple different problems from all the shapes you described. If the pattern isn't parallel and even and curved in the middle, one of the holes on you aircap could be clogged or possibly something bent. The other patterns you described I don't know, but sounds like too much pressure, and fan pattern turned out too wide. Hopefully someone else will give their ideas also.

alteredpilot 06-26-2005 05:54 PM

its a brand new gun.
after posting, i figured i oughta take a closer look at my equipment and i went a took the tip off and brushed everything out really good.
i'm gonna go back out and shoot some more later....
any input is greatly appreaciated.

Bee4Me 06-27-2005 01:04 PM

The banana or curved pattern is a blockage in the airhorn holes. Most touchup guns don't have cap holes other than the main fluid opening.
Could be trash/defect from the drilling during manuf. or from the air supply.
Possiable air leakage around aircap seal where it screws on to the gun.Not the paint nozzel,the "ring" you tighten around the airhorn.Some have an O ring or Teflon washer to seal this.
The Q-tip or dumbell is air/fluid misadjustment,Most likely,too much air pressure as your blasting 55 into the gun. Most HVLP want around 20-30.
Never shot this water base myself but it sounds like it's too thick to atomize properly which is why your cranking it up to 55 and your spray pattern is going to heck..

alteredpilot 06-27-2005 03:27 PM

in talking with a few painters, i'm thinking i had too much fluid flow. i'm learning that it doesnt take much of an adjustment to make a dramatic difference...
back at it tomorrow..

VWFan 06-28-2005 04:43 PM

I have the same gun and I had no problem shooting Acrylic Enamel with it at the recomended 21PSI at the gun. These guns are budget, but the craftsmanship on mine seems to be very good. I think your problem is in the paint mixture, air pressure, and gun adjustment. It does not take much paint to shoot test patterns, so I would suggest mixing some paint up and just keep adjusting until you get a good pattern. You'll get it, just keep trying. :thumbup:

the milkman 06-29-2005 09:27 PM

I have used auto air in my airbrush for a few months, and have had a lot of problems with it being too thick. Your paint my be drying up at the needle tip, and causing it to spit, and could be partly to blame for you pattern. Try thinning you base out about 10-15%, and dusting your coats on really thin. Auto air says you should use there thinner for the binders in it, but I have used only water, and have not had any problems with adhesion. Good luck

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