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Rev1richie 05-29-2009 05:44 AM

spray guns HVLP or Std

New here and my first post, is there a way to tell apart a std Gravity (?) spray gun and a HVLP one. Apart from using a nozzle guage to tell the pressure at the ..well nozzle..

I thought that HVLP guns had an adjusting screw below the handle as the inlet pressure needs to be controlled to acheive 10psi approx at the nozzle, where as normal (std) guns were straight through ie 70 psi in, 70 psi out.=, and didn't have one

I could be wrong (probably am) but thought i'd ask.



sunsetdart 06-02-2009 12:10 PM

Rich.........most HVLP guns have the cup on top of the handle, although there are HVLP types that look like standard suction type guns. You referred to using 10 psi with an HVLP. You do use lower pressure with an HVLP but you also must go by what the paint you're using needs to be sprayed. I use an HVLP gun to paint my car and had the pressure at the gun set to 45 lbs psi. I also like to have a pressure gauge right at my inlet to the gun so when I pull the trigger, I can regulate the needed pressure for whatever paint I am using. An HVLP will not produce as much overspray as a suction gun will.

Rev1richie 06-03-2009 09:15 AM


Yeah, i have to agree with you there, most air compressor HVLP guns are gravity, as most turbine powered ones are suction cup,

If you take off the air cap and nozzle, would there be something in there to tell you, i mean the internal working of the gun reduce 40-50 psi down to 10psi,

Just wondering


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