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Originally Posted by onovakind67
Every converter is a 'stall' converter, some have a higher stall speed than others. B&M rates their stall speeds for 230#ft of torque, so a 9:1 engine with less low end torque will not stall as high as a stock engine. I would use at least a 3000 stall converter, a good one from folks like Coan, Continental, etc.

If you want to win drag races, get some tires for that purpose. There is no substitute for good traction, and good traction will get you better traction.

With 9:1 compression and an XE268 you sure don't need race gas, you could probably run faster on 87 or 89 octane.
I agree!!! esp. the 87 or 89 octane gas. Unless you need the detonation resistance when running high compression, you are actually giving up some by going to higher octane fuel. Reason - the higher octane stuff actually burns slower - which is the reason that you would advance the timing more with the race gas.

As I understand it, the less advance you can run the better (while acheiving optimum power - the LS1 does it with like 30 deg.) - that means the mixture is burning more "all at once" and I think that maximizes your pressure at the most opportune moment - when the piston starts traveling downward in the power cycle.

Course, if you run the 87 or 89 - I would back the timing off about 6 deg. - and then watch your MPH (not ET) and add the timing back in a little at a time (maybe 2 degrees each run). When the MPH does not increase any more - you have reached your "ideal" max timing. Back it off 2 deg. for safety and let er rip. (of course you adjust while the motor is spun up by a buddy - set the timing while its at max timing - setting using initial only can be deceiving because idle RPM can influence the "initial" setting - and watch out if you have a mech. fan.)

Have fun - be careful.
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