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RossR90 08-09-2008 12:44 PM

starter grinding update Powermaster starter question
Ok well I just put in the new starter Powermaster 9100 for my inline 6 chevy. I purchased a new battery w/ about 200 more cold cranking amps for a total of 875 and installed a heavier gauge positive battery cable, it is a bit longer than the last one. I know the powermaster starters take alot of juice to get started but I got one start of my brand new battery and then turned it off after about 30 seconds of the motor running and then the battery didnt have enough juice to start it again. I had to jump start it. I would of called powermaster but they are closed on weekends. Did I buy the wrong battery or what? Im not familiar w/ the powermasters, do i need a certain setup or something to maintain more starts? Once I jumped it again I let it run for abour 10-15 min and it did the same thing. All i got was a click from the starter. I appreciate the help.. thanks again

richard stewart 3rd 08-09-2008 02:47 PM

Hi Ron,
I would load test the battery, & a load draw test on the starter.
Are there any chain auto parts stores near you? they'll test them
for free.

RossR90 08-11-2008 02:46 PM

Update # 2 It may be fixed
Ok well I replced the + battery cable w/ a shorter one and it seemed to do the job. So far the starter seems to be working fine. No grinding..... yet. I hope this new powermaster did the trick. I know other people have had the same issue as me w/ a grinding starter, so I will update this post again to let them know if this new starter resolved my issues.
Ron, FL

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