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450hp67SS 08-15-2002 01:00 PM

starter problem
I think I must be going crazy, but I have swapped out my 283 with a 350 and changed starters also from straight to staggered bolt pattern to accomidate 168 teeth flywheels. Now the question is: I still have 2 wires to go to the starter solenoid along with the battery cable, but the new starter only has two studs, one for the battery cable and ONE stud for the solenoid. Where does the other wire hook to now?

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72 chevy 08-15-2002 03:59 PM

Your starter is set up for HEI. The "other wire" is a resistance wire for points ignition. Yellow or white?? If you installed an HEI eliminate this wire. Purple or red should be your ignition switch wire. :)

juxtoposed 08-15-2002 09:51 PM

It is actually the non resistance wire for the points. It is to give the points a full 12V when it is cranking to help boost a little spark. I am sure that is what you meant, Right?

78 monte 08-15-2002 09:55 PM

Think you gotta change selonoids.I know some have the third pole some don't.Not sure but I think you can just stick the solenoid of your old starter on it and call it a day.

Barry.M 08-16-2002 03:05 AM

Hi 450hp67SS,just to confuse matters further. Some models of GM vehicles pick up "power" from the Starter terminal for the loom as in my 64 Chev convert. Is this your third wire ?.This wire SHOULD have a LARGE loop terminal,like the battery cable. As other posts have indicated, purple or red should be from starter switch to solenoid. Yellow usually is the resistance wire to coil (9V) and one other wire(Blue,Red,Green I've seen many different colors here) from solenoid to coil to provide full 12V to coil on start.

If your "third" wire is any of these colors you should be able to solve it. If not,I suggest hooking up a 12V light to the offending wire and have a look at what it's doing when you operate your ignition switch. I assume you don't have a multi-meter ?. When you start on Auto wiring,you really NEED a Multi-meter,they will save you a lot of pain.

I'm backing that the "third" wire is the 12V wire to the coil. Just connect it up to the Start Terminal. Hope this helps you out......Barry

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