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starter problems

They say you get what you pay for! Sometimes its true. I do alot of junk yard searching and find great deals, sometimes things work out good and sometimes I just have to eat what I find. I pick up starters, alternators ,and Holleys etc. for a few dollars; if they work good thats great and if they dont they are good for rebuilding or trade ins. Of course I have alot of extra labor installing used stuff but I still feel Im ahead of the game money wise. Even parts from the auto parts places dont always work out satisfactorily. I just went through the starter delima on my 350 powered Susuki jeep and now Im going to try again to solve the problem on my 82 Chevy truck. 1st you must know you have a strong battery, 2nd you have to have good connections
on battery and a couple good grounds ( negative cable to engine , engine to fire wall or frame and if possible from starter to engine) . bad connections are usually the culprit with cranking an automobile . I dont know it all but I know this for sure and hope this helps out some beginners " check all connections" thanks Musky2

I forgot : Im not sure on price of Napa starter ; its been years ago , but it solved the problem of engagement on a high compression engine I had. The cheap starters just kept grinding. Sometime you just have to shell out the hard earned cash to solve a problem. I bet if you buy a top quality starter it will solve your problem and will save you all the headaches. I put a mini starter on my Samurai ( 350 Chevy I dont know if it was needed because it dragged too but when I was ready to give up I turned the timing back and it whips over like crazy now.So the mini starter is on there and Ill just leave it. I was going to buy a new mini starter when that one was dragging but like I said it was the timing. The guy at Auto Zone or Advance said come talk to him and he would let me have one for 48 dollars and I could trade in a regular big starter in trade. If you can get one for that deal you would be in good shape. Call around.

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