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91CamaroDude 09-05-2011 08:32 AM

Starter Whine..Sometimes Nothin'
Okay here we go again...still trying to figure out some things here. Recap - 1991 Camaro RS v6 to v8 swap, either having wiring issues still, or who knows I could be in a heap of troubles here. Now keep in my my steering column knuckles have been loose since i bought the car, and before the swap if I were to knee the steering-wheel on accident I have had it jug out and die on me. Where other times if I moved it getting out of the car, it would not start for a few days (no craking at all).

Well now after the swap after I first wired the starter, all I would get is a whining noise, no engaging with the flywheel at all. Now I get nothing what-so-ever. I have dropped the column down and have been trying to see if the rod for the ignition switch is even getting pushed, it is, however im not sure if there is a specific point that if it is pushed to far or not enough if that has anything to do with it at all.

I have jumped the solenoid with a wire going from the + side of the battery, and still there is no engaging just the whine. So could I be facing a gaggle of fraggles here? More than just one problem? Or am I just still trying to figure out my newb issues? Thanks in advance for the help, everyone has been awesome

DoubleVision 09-05-2011 08:47 AM

The usual starter test has to be done with something touching the large terminal and the small one on the right side of it to make the starter engauge. If you do this and get nothing at the starter itself then it`s not getting any power. Which makes me move on to the next case, in usual instances when you turn the key and get nothing and you know everything is okay the solenoid is gone. Do this check, grab the terminals on the solenoid and see if any of them wiggle. If so you`ll need to tighten the nut on the terminal that`s against the solenoid body and hope the connection hasn`t broken internally. Also check the connection of the hot wire on the large terminal, going down the road one time with mine lose resulted in the car going dead because it lost all power. Also check the positive wire going from solenoid to starter, make sure it hasn`t burned through with corrosion anywhere. When you did the swap did you reconnect all the factory grounds on the firewall? Where is the ground ran from the batter to the engine?

91CamaroDude 09-05-2011 09:19 AM

The starter test i ran was from the Positive cable to the big terminal, from there to the solenoid, i said from the battery but it was already ran to the big side of the terminal. So big terminal to solenoid terminal, and just whines. Now i will check for any wiggle when i get off work today, because that would make since. As far as corrosion, the starter is a new remaned from the parts store, and before i hooked up the positive wire to the big terminal i cleaned it up spotless so i know there is no corrosion. The connections at the firewall are all set in place and good to go, i have checked this more than once. The ground is ran to an accesory hole on the head, just for quick tests instead of hiding it back and then having a hard time to get to it. Would the ignition switch (being the steering column knuckles are loose) have any kind of play in this mess at all?

DoubleVision 09-05-2011 09:37 AM

I was referring to the entire positive cable should be inspected as sometimes the way it`s routed can hide where it`s got a break in the cable and corrosion has set in. I`m sure the ignition switch could cause this issue. but if you replaced the column it`s not likely. I`ve had a issue like yours in the past, sometimes the car would start and when it did the starter would stay engauged. Other times I`d hit the switch and it would do nothing. Turns out the small terminal on the solenoid was so loose it was about to fall out and that was due to the solenoid being melted.

91CamaroDude 10-04-2012 11:46 AM

Turned out to be missing teath in the ring gear on the flexplate. That was no fun but thats why I would get the whine - It wasnt hitting anything.

Thanks for your help!

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