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Originally Posted by 37year old kid
I have a similar starter in my Chevelle. Make sure there are not supposed to be two wires besides the battery cable going to the starter. It sounds like there is an incomplete circuit in the starter wiring. Excuse me if you mentioned it before, but was the motor in the 914 before? If everything worked before, and not now, sounds like wiring mix up or a wire went stray and is hiding from you. I know there isn't a lot of room in a 914 engine compartment with a 2.0L, so a 350 must really bust some knuckles.
Yeah, the engine was already in the car, but I removed the engine and tran, and everything else from the engine compartment, to rebuild the trans and do a complete cleanup/reseal/restore of EVERYTHING.

I did redo much of the wiring. They way they had it, they ran the wires in a harness up over the top of the engine. So it basically was laying on top of the intake manifold. It was all neatly wrapped up, but not the cleanest looking presentation.

I ran all of the wiring completely hidden underneath and behind the sheetmetal in the engine compartment. Inspired by American "hot rod" style, I wanted all the ancillary "stuff" (wires, hoses, lines, etc. etc.) hidden as much as possible, for the cleanest look possible.

But for the wiring, this required making the harness much longer, so I had to extend most of the wiring by 3 feet or so. I was careful to do it one at a time, rosin core flux solder, wiped clean, heat shrink tube sealed, then a bit of prof grade elect tape, then the harnesses sealed in Russell Wire Wrap, but things can always go wrong, I guess. Fortunately, the wiring turned out well. It took me around 8 hours to do, I did it very slowly and carefully.

I also removed all of the welded in brackets that held all the Porsche fuel injection junk, and filled in all the various unneeded holes in the engine compartment. Filled in and removed about 25 brackets and holes!

I got the drivetrain back in this weekend, and everything buttoned up last night. It looks insane! There is no visible wiring. The spark plug wires are run under the headers. The vacuum lines are run under the air cleaner. The fuel and coolant lines are almost completely hidden. It looks a lot like an engine sitting on an engine stand, not hooked up to anything.

As far as space, believe it or not, there is more room to work with the SBC than with the 2.0 4 banger. The SBC is actually much narrower than the flat 4. The flat 4 had miles of wiring, vacuum lines, fuel injection bits, etc. etc. spread everywhere. And the compartment was sealed because of the aircooling, so you couldn't see or reach from top to bottom.
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