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Thanks for your replies.

The car is a solid roof car, subframe connectors and drag radial are on my to do list. I would like to keep the T5 temporarily so I can save money to upgrade. Would a T56 hold 300-400 horsepower with drag radials and 3.73s?

I want to get heads that I can reuse on a more powerfull engine later down the road. If I have to spend $800 now on some heads to make the power I want and in two years spend $1400 to get some for more power I would rather just spend the $1400 now. However if I can just spend $300 on upgrading some stock ones and make the power I am looking for now then I would go that route.

The power level I am looking for is still somewhat undecided. If I put the car on a dyno I would like to see at least 300 to the wheels. I have no set specific goal, but 300 - 400 seems to be what I want. I would hate to spend $4000 on this motor and the time to build it just to have my mustang friend smoke me. I would also like to be able to pass those stock LS1 guys.

Thanks for clearing me up on the cam terminology.

I do not see the engine being in this car for more than four years. Would I need the roller cam for reliability? It will get a good bit of thrashing. Going with the roller setup it seems like it will make a locating a core harder. I have not actively started looking at them so I am not sure how hard it would be to find one, I just know it limits the pickings a lot.

I understand with my plan I will not see the benifit in solid lifters over hydraulic. Would I see a benifit in cost though?

If I get to reuse the crankshaft and rods that will save me a lot of money on this build.

I guess the next step is to decide if I want a roller cam setup or not, get my core. Then decide if the heads can make 300-400 hp with $300 or not. Pick out my cam based on those heads or the Iron Eagles and go from there. That sound about right?

I still have to think about the induction system. Stock right now is TBI and from what I read that will not support my goals at all. It looks like aftermarket fuel injection systems are a lot more than a carb setup. Looks like I will be going with a carb unless there is a low priced nice performing fuel injection alternative.

Thank you!
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