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Originally Posted by thefox View Post
Hello guys great site well oi have a 85 camaro z28 with a 72 vette 350 that has a 268h comp cam 650 cfm 1406 edelbrock carb. well mt problem is it takes forever cranking and pumping of the gas to get here to start but when it fires up it drives fine i do notice some legg when i punch it but no to much. it never stahls after its running i can shut it off and come back after a hour and it will start right up but when i park it and try to start it the next day it back to cranking and pumping the gas like crazy. I have bought and installed a rebuilt kit for my carb and nothing. Just wondering if there is anything else i can try. Oh my engine does run really hot but never overheats. thanks
Connecting the choke wire back to the choke should make the light go out. All that's wrong w/your choke is the fast idle is out of adjustment. The manual (links below) gives instructions on how to adjust it. There's no reason not to use the choke, but if you want the light off and do not want the choke to work as it was intended to, hook the wire up to the choke and adjust the choke to be wide open all the time.

If hooking the choke wire to the choke doesn't put the choke light out, the first thing to check is for a blown fuse- that can cause the choke light to come on and is the easiest thing to check.

The alternator malfunctioning will also cause the choke light to come on. Funny thing, the choke being bad will not make the choke light come on, but that's another story.

Something to check for the excessive pumping of the gas to get it to start is the accelerator pump. It's easy to check: With the engine OFF, look into the primary side of the carb (side w/the choke blades) using a flashlight and work the throttle open and closed. Every time you open the throttle there should be two streams of gas coming from the accelerator pump discharge nozzles. The streams should be nice, full shots like from a small squirt gun, and not bubbly or frothy/drippy, if you follow me. And the streams should come just as soon as the throttle blades start to open.

The Edelbrock owner’s manual is here. With the info from it and from Edelbrock Performer Series Carburetor- Complete Guide to Set-Up, Tuning, and Performance Jetting, you should be able to tackle most any carb related problem.
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