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Funeral 10-11-2008 11:00 PM

Starting a rebuild, Serious Question.
I big thing right now is... do I pull the body and do an off frame rebuild? or do I leave it on and do an on frame rebuild, I am drawn toward off frame rebuild, and I flipped a quarter and it said off frame as well, lol. Keep in mind this will be my first off frame rebuild, working with me I have 4 friends all specialized in something, Otis is great with body work, Spencer is a motor guru, and J is an electrical genius, Me? well, I'm good at standing there and picking the colors, JK, I have been painting cars for 8 years. Not to mention I have a pretty good understanding of everything else mentioned... My question is, with this team is this possible? ( I think it is) but what snags should I look forward to in a truck of this year. Its a 1947 Chevy PU... I have seen broken frames, under body rust, etc... but what are the most common issues? I also feel inclined to mention it runs and drives.

I also was thinking of just a body break down, leaving the Motor and transmission on the frame, And work like that, sure sounds better then removing all the A arms and break assembly..

Speak up!

carson 10-12-2008 12:35 AM

Go with the quarter!
You''ve already got an all-star team in place. What are you waiting for? This is easy stuff. Especially on a pickem up truck. I've got a GMC being donated to my class and I'm going to let my high school students figure it out by themselves. You've got the Pros from Dover (remember Elliot Gould and Donald Sutherland in M*A*S*H?) This sounds like a vehicle you and to keep so why not do it right? Would you really want to do most of it and then find a crack frame or similar? Hot rodding is fun stuff. Why deny yourself the self-satisfaction and pride of accomplishment by only do a half way job? If I had that team of guys like you do, I'd go get another project to take more advantage of them. You will forever regret not doing it full out.

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