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Originally Posted by grahammason
Hi , thanks for that , the paint can dry at the tip? Can this happen on a newish GTI 1.4, (I have 1.2 and 1.0 tips). And you say 'may need a slower reducer' by reducer you mean thinner? A slower thinner would make the cure even slower and attract even more ****?
I've been using Starchem accelerator to get the paint to dry asap before more dust hits the paint but I got something wrong somewhere : I did all this 3 months ago and everything went a treat , nice and wet, same paints, gun etc.
I'm using Lechler gloss 2k with Debeer hardener (worked fine before).
I'm not using a clear coat on top as first panels went so well without and its not for car usage.
Some spray guys next door said they always get airbourne rubbish in Black.
I said it must just show more but hey said its more than that, it just 'attracts' more. I can't see the logic but these guys used to spray for Toyota so I believe.
If I used a quick dry 2k over the top would I lose all the fine ****.
I realize I'm on a hidding to nothing by not compounding but these panels must be one shot: as there are many graphic masks to be peeled off 'live' when wet.

Spray booth is 2mx3mx5m with intake/exhaust at each end, floor wetted, panels earthed (even though they're fibreglass 2mx2m) the black graphic elements are only 6" square, 32 per panel, all masked and set to peel off wet.

So any advice really appreciated.

Can't say I've ever noticed black attract more dust/crap than any other colour but maybe it's just more noticeable because a dark colour should reflect more if applied properly.

I don't like the idea of using additives especially accelerators....would that be rocket you are using ? If you want the paint to flash off quicker I'd try raising the temperature of your booth area before you start painting and possibly warm your panels up first.

I find that tacking off can just move the dust around the panel rather than removing it so I always blow off at the same time with a low pressure air line.
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