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Quarter Flash 05-09-2007 02:49 PM

Competion Engineering Steering Column Install
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I bought a steering column kit from Competition Engineering. The kit included a column tube, chrome molly steering shafts, weld in mounting bars, a universal joint, a quick steering wheel release assembly and two clamps The first thing I did was bolt the seat in for steering wheel location. Then I assembled the column tube and the steering shaft assembly. I welded the nut on the end of one of the shafts for the quick release steering wheel assembly and let it cool. I installed the two plastic bushings in the end of the column tube, riveted them in place and installed the grease zerks. Once the steering shaft cooled I slid it through the column. I hung the column shaft combo with string from the firewall bracing and the roll cage bracing and aligned it with the center of the seat. At this point I cut my short shaft from the rack so the end of the shaft coming through the firewall and the short shaft coming from the rack would meet. After cutting the short shaft to the right length I readjusted and cut the column shaft so the ends were at the same level. With the ends of the two shafts the right length and level I could now slip the universal in place with out binding. Now remember the column is still hanging by two string loops and will need some finesse when welding it in place to keep joint alignment. I welded the firewall vertical brace in first. It is very important that all the braces fit exact and do not move the column when the weld cools. If the fit is too tight it will push the column out of alignment when it is welded and if it is to short it will pull the column when the weld cools.

After I welded in the first upright brace at the firewall I welded in a side (horizontal) brace at the dash. This still gives me the opportunity to tweak the column alignment. I remove the bushing in the top of the column and run the steering shaft through the column, the bottom column bushing and into the universal joint. I tweak the welded braces with a hammer until the steering shaft centers itself in the top of the column tube. I welded the other column braces at the firewall and the dash and double check the steering shaft. Because I fit the braces snug my column did not move and I was good. I pinned the short shaft side of the universal joint and welded the column side so if I needed to I could take it apart in two pieces. I should have pinned it on the column side of the universal or both sides. This would have allowed me to take apart the column assembly as well as split the whole assembly �Hindsight� don�t be to quick with the welder. For a better understanding of the complete project check out my journal. I posted this here because I can't seem to get my journal to let me post anything more.


Bryan59EC 05-09-2007 05:59 PM

this looks like a tip for the WIKKI or whatever it is----help tips?? :thumbup:

I have found in more than one attempt in the journal, it is easier to write it all out in notepad ( a wordprocessing program) and then copy and paste.
Seems I have been kicked off if I take too much time typing in the journal.

Just a thought


Quarter Flash 05-10-2007 07:29 AM

I have tried several times to add to my journal and it will not allow me to add. I am not sure why, its like it sees me as a viewer instead of an author. There is no icon to add an entry. I don't understand the WIKI thing yet but I guess I can look at it. I know I have brought hundreds of new people to this site by advertising my journal I hope I can finish it.


home brew 05-10-2007 11:36 AM

Repost this info in the Site Suggestions and Help Forum and you will get some suggestions on what to do to restore your ability to be able to post in your journal.

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