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I came across both of your engine threads this evening 70fj ( love those old fj Toyota's ) and saw your comment " I hope this solves my valve train noise problem " and F-BIRD'88 suggesting a cam change. Now while I am a total novice in a sense, I would seriously take that idea up of dropping in a new cam, lifters, timing set as its the perfect time since its mostly apart now with all fluids drained. At least down there in the States a cam kit is very reasonably priced and I would be surprised if you didn't find some excessive wear on a lobe or lifter and harder to tell, a lifter that is leaking down faster then it should. The bonus of the right cam for that 4x4 which flows like a brick through the air, you just might gain on mileage too, not to mention a stump pulling low end that just leaps from the lights or off road.

The reason for my little rant, I have an L05 series factory engine in my pickup thats been acting up lately and had it to a couple of mechanics and they thought for sure its worn valve guides thats causing it to miss sporadically at idle ... its more like constant now and am hearing some slight valve train noise. So on the weekend I do a compression test on all cylinders and the one they claimed had only 110 psi and was missing on their scope is actually the highest reading at 170 but I found its exhaust lifter to be bottoming out way too easy. I wish that's all that is wrong as I put a dial indicator on all valves on that head and I was blown away, my cam is melting away on all the lobes and although I will never know, I blame some of this on the newer oils. The point is, they missed what the real reason was and yet they knew these chevy engines have had cam shaft issues for years. I realize money is tight but ... it wouldn't hurt to think about that and do some pricing once you get some good cam grind profile ideas to look at. Then you will have covered all the basis and probably be ahead in the long run.
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