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In regards to the air temp. I know I wont have a problem there. And I do realize that it will take more than double (up to 5 times longer) to refill an 80 and 250 gallon tank. But I am fine with that, if need be.

About the specs of the machine. This is from FS-Curtis Website. Model 8DH6.
It has 2 (1.5HP Motors) at 580RPM, 6.0CFM per Motor at 80PSI, 80 Gallon Tank. I do not have the AMP/Voltage specs. I will have to contact Curtis Monday. The spec sheet doesn't say either.

Starts on page 4 of the PDF file below from the spec page from FS-Curtis

So, I understand what your saying oldred about recharge time. Am I wrong on this thinking. In Theory, Lets just say I get 5 Minutes of use out of an 80 Gallon Tank, Then if I have a 250 Gallon tank, I should expect at least 10 minutes of use. Now in Theory, if it takes 10 minutes to recharge an 80 gallon tank, I should expect up to 45 minutes to recharge the 250 gallon tank.

If that is what to expect, than I am fine with this. I have found a 1 year old 250 galon propane tank, from a propane dealer, for $200. It has been drained of all gases, and aired out. What I am trying to come to, Would it be worth my $200 to increase the size. Like I said before, In theory if I gain 5 minutes every use, then it would be worth my $200. If I wanted to double my CFM with this type of dryer/compressor setup, it would cost me near $8000. I just don't have that in my budget right now.

It is expected to have 4 employees working during the day. But most work is done by hand. Only for a little bit is a Sander used. And then only on disassemble and assemble will a air ratchet will be used. But YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN I MIGHT NEED THE EXTRA AIR, is what I am trying to get at.

The picture is the exact model I am going to use. I have not received the delivery of mine yet. But that is the exact model.

In reference to the two stage, I think I was delirious at the moment. I was meaning to reference that it had two pumps mounted on it. Sorry. It was late. I had been working all night.

Thanks oldred for looking at my post and taking the time to understand what I am trying to accomplish here. By far, I am not shooting you down on anything, I am merely just trying to understand. And if I don't discuss it, It will sit on my mind, and later on, I will cuss myself. lol
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