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4 men working of 12CFM?

I have found that your air compressor is the MOST important tool in the shop.
12CFM for 4 people way to low. ( air tools make you $$$ )
The compressor in your picture looks more like 12CFM per pump (x2) a total of 24CFM. (much better).
I like the fact that it runs slow (not at 1750rpms) They last forever.
That 2nd tank (250gl). is likely over kill and will only result in a lot of extra run time ( $$$ ).
I'd spend my money make sure you get as much CFM Matched with a tank sized to the/your air volume required to use at least 9CFM continuously, allowing the compressor to kick in and refill your tank and shut off while in use. If your compressor can do that it will have time to rest/cool down. Its the continuious running that wears , creates heat moisture etc.
Hope that helps

Originally Posted by jcorey2293
Before I get started with my question, I just want to state that I have done a lot of research before I asked this. First, I understand that when purchasing an air compressor its not about tank size but CFM. Second, I have been in the Automotive collision company for 10 years. I don't need an argument like every other post about CFM. Thats already understood.

I am now building my own shop. By far, I am not going cheap. I am spending over $300,000 dollars between the building and supplies, but am on a limited budget.

My Question:

I just bought a $5000 Curtis Climate controlled air compressor. It provides clean, dry controlled air, with a dryer on it. It is a duplex air compressor. Meaning, It has two motors. Each motor is a two stage 1.5 HP motor, each rated at 6.0CFM, both motors are mounted on a 80 Gallon Tank.

I have a four door garage bay and a two door paint booth. Its a 7000sqft custom built building. I think I'm going to have a problem with air storage. I needed a quality air compressor, that is good for high end paint jobs. Not one that just can supply lots of HOT air to all my equipment. Hot air is a killer for high end paint. Example: Some DuPont paints are as high as $600 a pint. I can not afford to repaint because changing air temp or cause there is water in the lines.

So, I have been told by many of shops and paint companies that this size of compressor will do the job. This is not a small compressor. Yet, I am thinking of buying an additional 250 Gallon Reservoir Tank. I also will not be painting inside the paint booth when any equipment is running. I actually will be painting by myself at night.

So, basically my question is, if I had another 250 gallon tank, will my standard equipment like sanders and grinders last longer? I realize that once the air has decreased enough in both tanks and the air compressor kicks on, that a total of 12CFM will not keep up. That I probably should let the tank fill up before using it again. Yet again, I needed a quality air compressor over High Volume.

What most people dont realize, that u never are using a sander or grinder or air gun for a long period of time. Like a spray gun, u might only spray for 5 to 10 minutes, then u have to wait between coats, which usually is about 1 hour. So, the air compressor would have plenty of time to refill the tank. If sanding, a lot of times, u only use an orbital sander for a few minutes, then u have to block it by hand. So again the tank should be filled up between task.

The shop will be up and running in about 1 month. So, I will really know what this compressor really can do. I'll let u guys know.

But what do you guys think about adding another tank???

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