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James9876 05-23-2011 08:23 PM

Storing 56 Chevy for at least a year...need some advice
I am heading over to Afghanistan for a 12 month deployment and need to store my 56 chevy that I have spent several years building. I live in Killeen, TX so there is a fair amount of humidity. My biggest concern is damage from the humidity.

I will be keeping it in my 2 car garage (which has a standard metal door with no insulation and poor sealing).

Any low cost ideas that I could do to keep it as dry as possible?

oldschool hero 05-23-2011 08:35 PM

Dessicants is a good way to absorb moister and it's fairly cheap.Place it all around and in the car, you can put a few packs in the tail pipes and tape them shut to keep moister and rodents out.Also get a few bars of Irish Spring soap and put it inside the car.Mice hate it and it works.Run all the gas out of it and most important run the carb dry.
Good luck on your tour and God bless you. :welcome:

boatbob2 05-24-2011 08:47 AM

Hi ..........
Hi,sorry to hear youre going to Afghanistan,only advice (from one combat vet to another)is,keep your eyes on a swivel,dont trust any local nationals (Afghanis), keep your weapon CLEAN,and dont be ashamed to PRAY........

327NUT 05-24-2011 09:07 AM

What boatbob said and from another vet...Viet Nam, good luck. My grandson just came home from Afgan for a couple of weeks and is heading back. Anywho, might as well give the battery to a friend to use or sell it. You could keep it hooked up to a "Battery Tender". If you don't it will die a slow death and be useless when you get home.

I also would put the car on wooden blocks to take the weight off the tires...if they are pretty new and you don't plan on changing them. Now if someone at your home can roll the car back and forth once a month or so then not needed. Irish Spring is good, dryer sheets seem to work also but both will have to be replaced as they wear out. If no pets or little kids can get in the garage put a box of poison mouse food at the inside of each tire cuzz those little bastages can and will try to climb up into your undercarriage and engine bay (dryer sheets there also)....good luck

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