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Barry, Bob and AC/DC
Thanks for the good points

The clear was mixed well, and it was a recently purshased and unused product.

I switched compresor and air line for the second coat, but with no change, so I doubt it's an inline cantaminant.

I'm not working in a booth, but the shop is pretty clean, and I can't think of any air born cantaminants

The first coat of clear was a light tack coat, and I was unable to tell if it had any reaction

Originally Posted by BarryK
The above does not mean a thing, if solvent trapped in first coat from lack of flash or COLD metal.

If pinheads or fish eyes happen in second coat of clear it is always solvent pop and the deeper they are the longer it will take to show up 1 min to 20 minutes.
But in first coat of clear it is always with rare exception trapped solvents in base.
I used fast reducer on the base coats........ no reducer on the clear until after the fact.

Outside temp is about 45*
Shop temp is a steady 65*
Metal temp---- ?

That is one thing I didn't think about.......the metal temp, but the shop was heated to 65* 2 hours befor painting......however I was doing some light wetsanding to, so I'm sure the water would have kept the metal temp down.

The more I ponder on it, the more it seems to be solvent pop

I did think I was taking the right steps with the fast reducer and long flash times........but the tempeture isn't the most Ideal, so it could just be that.....I hope it is, becouse I don't have to lie, this thing has got me all bumed out

In any way.......for future refrence
If you do get this "solvent pop" reaction.......A quick fix that seemed to work here is is layind down 2 wet coats of 15% reduced clear with a couple drops of fish eye eliminator.

It did fill in the pin holes leaving orange peel, and a few small runs, but those can be taking cared of during the cutting and buffing process.
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