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Solvent pop VS Fisheye.

Most painters do not really know the difference between the two. Before you throw things at me read on.
If you paint for a big shop and the paint rep comes in from the factory not the jobber and you say Im having a fisheye problem, even if he does know the difference do you really think he is going to say no that is solvent pop? If he does say that it now goes from user error to product problem and he does not need that hassle. Thats why you don't know!

First of all fisheyes rarely give you problems in spots, such as a 6 strip down the center of the hood or just the top of doors or fenders, fisheyes will consume the whole panel, so if the top of the door is fisheyes and center down is ok, its not fisheyes with rare exception.

First stage of a solvent pop.
Looks like dirt in hood and top surfaces of car the little speck can be black, white or gray depending how much water the iso took on. These are usually spaced at random so painter thinks it trash and no big deal.
These are caused by unsealed activator, water in line, watering down the booth floor and over atomization on a humid day.
Second stage.

That same speck of dirt with a moon fisheye coming off the speck of dirt. Same causes as above but more serious water problem.
These can be a full fledge the size of a bad fisheye but the speck of dirt will still be in center. Wetting floor on a rainy day and using a 1.3 tip?

Third type of solvent pop.
Is baby pinholes to full blown fisheye size. These are caused by trapped solvent in primer or sealer loading or solvent trapped in base is the most common and happens the most with black dark blues and dark reds or colors with poor hiding and 6 or more coats to cover. These can show up in clear on first coat as pinheads (gassing) or in the second coat as full blown fisheyes. 90 times out of 100 it happens on second coat of clear within minutes after you spray it.

A true fisheye will almost always go through the clear and leave a small center of the base exposed, solvent pop, there will always be clear covering the base in center.

ANYTIME you get what looks like fisheyes on second coat of clear its solvent pop.

Hope this helps, I keep it short as this is an hour subject to explain in class setting.

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