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I'm 19 and have a 84 Monte carlo non SS that has seen more street racing action than any car in a 50mile radius of my town. It runs High High 11's on the motor sucking down pumpgas through the exhaust and now there is another 175hp plate system. I once raced a guy in a 72 Chevelle that he thought was faster than it was, about 60 people came out to watch the race. I boiled the radials in first and second gear and then pulled hard on his maybe 14 second car I was in the suicide lane at 5800rpm in third gear going about 110mph and was far enough ahead that I decided to pull back into the normal right hand lane when I did I heard a loud woooooshing noise and my friend and I looked up and what did we see but my driver's side T-top sailing through the air. The t-top hit the chevelles windshield but only minorly cracked it and then proceeded to glance down the left side of his car ruining the quarter panel. The chevelle guy wasn't mad though because the car was going to his wife the next weekend in a divorce settlement. For the next month this guy went around town saying how I only got him buy a car length, how is this possible? If he was a car length behind me at 110mph the t-top wouldn't have hit his car, News to that guy more like 20 car lengths. He was mad and thought I was bragging so he brought out his other hot rod a 69 camaro with a merlin headed 396. I dusted him again and he swore i had nitrous because my reverse lights came on, the only reason they did was because my old column shift would fall and turn them on. If he only knew how bad I'd beat him now. I'm only 19 but have realized that street racing is bad, very bad and will never do it again, hell I don't even have a cage in my car yet!!!!!!!!!!!
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