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Here is another one involving the same guy.His street race car was one of my creations,and after he puked his good motor,I helped him out by loaning him a mild 355 that I had as a backup motor for my car just until we got his good mill back in shape.I dropped this 13 second motor in his car and we added a cheater plate to it and took the car to the street races on Friday night.We were there parked next to a few guys who dont really like the crew from my shop,and my friend was really running his mouth a little bit and I would have let him hang himself,but these wiseguys had to chime in that the only car we had that ran was my car and that all the guys from my shop should stop buying my old junk because if it didnt make my car fast it wasnt going to make them fast either,but my car,my current 73 Firebird,was way faster then all thier"street" cars,so they were talking out their a$$es.I told them that the Malibu was running in the 10's but that one of the slicks had a leak and we had the street tires on it tonight so were had nothing for them but that we could lock up something for tommorrow night if they would like.They took the bait on that one and my freind looked at me and said "I hope you are putting up the money".I told him that we were about to drop the 11 second smallblock and it's convertor from my Firebird into his car,and we were going to bolt his nitrous plate to it.By 730 am saturday my motor and covertor were in the back of my pickup truck and on the way to this guys job at a towing company where he stored his car.We had the engine in and running by 4:30 that after noon and by 7pm,we had my new slicks on the car and all the nitrous sorted out.We put 2 test passes on the car at the local spot and then went to wait for the call from these guys.They told us to be at the spot at 10 pm,and we were there by 9:30 waiting for them.We put one more test pass on the car while we waited and one of thier spies saw us and ran back to them to tell them something was up and that the Malibu was not like it was yesterday.Well as luck would have it,a local Police officer who is related to one of the guys from our rival's shop rolls up on us and starts breaking our ball$.Next thing you know he is calling for a tow truck to impound the car and the owner of the car is telling the cop he has to go and answer a call for an impound with the tow truck that we used to tow the car down with.We all knew that my friend was on police rotation for impounds that night and he towed the car down there with the impound truck.The cop got even more pissed off and called for a different tow company.We watched as they hauled our stuff off to a night at the pound.We had the car back the next day,but we had to get to the bottom of our issue with these chicken***** loudmouths.We eventually got a solid confirmation that it was them who ratted us out and had the cop impound our car.Luckily for us the cop never showed up for court so all the charges and tickets were dropped including the Emergency police response team charges and fire depatment fines for the little antic involing our nitrous bottle.It seems that when our rival ratted us out,he made it clear we had an explosive nitrous bottle in the trunk,so the cop called the emergency services unit and fire department who showed up and hosed the trunk of the malibu out with about 1,000 gallons of water and blasted the rear seat right out of the car and flooded the interior.The fire depatment guys kept saying they didnt need to do it but the cop told them they had to do it or that the car might explode,so they followed his orders.Oh well,these guys will all get theirs.We eventually made a pile of cash with that car too.
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