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Originally Posted by Grandpa Cobra
Just another case of you attempting to lead in into a lie so you could expose me, Jon/

You had that information all along am were just waiting to spring it on me.

All you have proved is that after five years of paying back to Customers over 2.5 million dollars in restitution George Levin paid in fines the cost of a single car.

I never said that George Levin never paid resititution to CMC's customers in fact I said that was the whole purpose of Auto Resolution.

"Resolution" get it?

My whole point from the beginning is that you will never allow CMC's side to be heard unless you can use it to further damage the reputation of the company and the products.

You do this by attempting to lead anyone from street beast into lies that you can quickly expose.

You do this by allowing your moderators to badger any one that has a street Beast car or to insult the cars they have built.

You do this by allowing bets by which the outcome is already assured and biased and the person making the bet is sure to profit from it.

In a fair and unbiased forum this thread would have been locked and deleted and those involved would have been told were they to repeat their actions they would be banned from ever posting here again.

You chose instead to allow this thread to become as ugly as you can make it with the sole purpose of discrediting me or anyone else that bought from Street Beasts

What next Jon going back and edit my posts to make them say whatever you want?

I've had that done before.

Jay was so impressed with my sincerity and knowledge on our product he invited me here to this forum so that I could assist other street beast customers as well with their cars.

Instead of doing that I find myself unable to give out my street beast e-mail address to those customers that do not know me since that would be advertising unable to give out my phone number at street beast DITTO,

And I have the administrator and moderators of this forum going out of their ways to make me out to be a liar, a fraud, and attempting to dig up personal information on me so that they can pass it on to whoever is feeding them the CMC information.

Despite all you have said I feel that George Levin did right by his customers when you look at how the complaints against CMC were artificially generated through a vicious campaign design to put that company out of business and more importantly to ensure those customers that wanted their parts and still wanted their cars never got them so that those other kit car companies that were primed and ready to buy up all of CMC's assets could supply them with both!

You know what you have been told,

but you don't even know half the story and not do you want to.
Quite a diatribe I must say.

My question to you is exactly when did this thread become all about you??? Oh, wait... I understand. You post half truths and spin the facts to make Street Beast look like an innocent bystander in all this and a couple of us call you on it and all of a sudden this forum is not fair.

Despite all the spin the facts are the facts and they are spelled out very clearly in the court documents Jon posted for all to see. They can't be disputed and frankly any attempt to spin them is ludicrous. Only a fool would think they could take the ruling of a court of law and try to sugar coat it, spin it to something its not and expect intelligent people to believe it. I think that's what bugs you the most. The fact that the majority of people on this site and who will read the Wiki and this thread are smart enough to look at all the lies and spin, read the court documents and come to the same conclusion most of the rest of us have.

Just like your buddy you are digging the hole ever deeper and deeper. If I were you I would have cut my losses several pages ago. You say that you are unable to give out your e-mail address to people who might be interested. This is yet another lie. You have been told that you can put that information in your user profile and direct the one or two people that might be interested there.

Just so you will know, I talked to Jon and the other moderators about editing out all the BS posts in this thread several pages ago. The collective decision was to let this thread go. It is what it is I think was the determination and frankly Jon and the other mods were right. Let anyone go long enough and they will hang themselves. You have done just that by making this all about you and not StreetBeast.

Perhaps the most revealing part of your entire post is this:
You do this by attempting to lead anyone from street beast into lies that you can quickly expose.
By trying to accuse Jon of treachery, you have exposed yourself and StreetBeast. Just read what you said. We lead you into lies that we can expose???? Its the FACTS that have been exposed. Facts that Street Beast has been trying to keep from the public for years. Like I said before, the secret is out now and hopefully, and for the good of the hobby, new people will now have the tools to make an educated decision when choosing a project. All the spin in the world can't change that now.
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