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It just seems to me that the Streetbeasts reps ( Optsman abd Grandpa Cobra) have missed a golden opportunity here to set things straight and help their companys reputation, instead thier spin has done nothing but hurt their company. The main thing in my mind is JGK95's recent purchase of a Streetbeast kit. He recieved the kit and has found that he has a defective hub. Streetbeasts could have used this forum to show the world how good their customer service was by replacing this hub no questions asked...but they did not. Instead Optsman say they will take care of it and then GrandapaCobra tells us that he has talked to JGK95 by phone and has told him something to try, but does not tell us what that was.. JGK95 tells us that he has taken a Dremel tool and enlarged the bolt holes in his wheels so he can get the wheel on the hub...and then says that he is going to over torque the lug nuts in an attempt to re-align the lug studs in the hub. Folks...if the wheel will not go on the hub without enlargeing the holes in the wheel something is wrong...either bent studs or the studs were pressed in the hub crooked or the hub holes were drilled crooked. An attempt to pull them into alignment by over tightening the lug nuts is really unaccepable because if it works you have either bent the studs into alignment or you have pulled the studs straight in the holes in the hub therefore distorting them. This it might work theory is not good at 75 mph when a wheel gets loose or even worse comes off. You can trick a lot of things on a car but you should not try to trick anything that has safety involved. Grandpa Cobra says that its not Streetbeasts fault because they did not make the hub ...that they buy them from a supplier. Well it is thier fault too because the hub was furnished in their kit. The hub should be replaced no questions asked and then Streetbeast can go to the supplier for re-embursement. If I was JGK95 I would expect a new replacement hub from Streetbeast and if they would not send me one I would go buy a new one from another source. So far niether one of the two guys from Streetbeasts have posted anything on this forum saying what they are going to do about this issue and JGK95 has not told us what they have told him either. So there it can see the oportunity missed here to show all of us looking in how reputable etc. Streetbeast is and how they are trying to build a good image to the Hotrod world. Instead all we see is spin and deception. JGK95...I wish you the very best with your build.

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