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Originally Posted by StreetbeastOptsMan
Jon , and all Moderators and members,

I joined this site back in May 2008 to try to shed some light on Streetbeasts and the changes we've been though in the last 10 -15 years. Almost immediately I was verbally assassinated by Jon and the Mods, Ive answered every question you've asked as honestly as I could, everything from our connection with CMC/Fiberfab to buying them out , paying back all their outstanding orders, and starting "Streetbeast in 1998, What ever happened before that , has nothing to do with now, We currently sell 30-40 kits a month, deliver them , and our customers are happy, of course we have a problem from time to time , what company doesn't? We don't strong arm anyone to buy our kit, if anything we offer a 3 year layaway plan that actually allows customers who would normally not be able to afford to build a hot rod . We offer show specials, certain option packages,or savings if a person buys now, I think this is called "Car Sales" which has been going on for 100 years. I don't think we've ever financially ruined anybody like you say, or put a gun to anyones head to buy our product. We advertise just like every other company, customers call us for a catalog, we follow up with them to answer their questions, offer them a deal we have going at the time and if the are interested they buy the car. We don't prey on anybody? If were such a bad company , how come so many people have built our cars into award winning show cars( Just look at our Customer Gallery) As far as stooping as low as to use profanity towards Jon, I apologize, but when you believe so deep in your heart about something and someone is so dead set on bashing you and putting you in a corner, you have to retaliate . As far as us impersonating Curt scott , thats bizarre because it never came from here, and Jon , no ones going to ruin you financially but this corporation will do what it takes to stop the negative press prior to 1998 as it has no bearing to Streetbeasts current status or business practices,

Thank you

Originally Posted by Centerline
That's because the really nice ones are either built by someone with years of experience or by professionals. The average guy with average ability has only a marginal chance of winding up with a masterpiece.

Oh yes you are! They're products are at least faithful copies of the original. When you build a Gibbons or Outlaw bodied car you wind up with one that actually looks like the original. That simply is not the case with most of Street Beast/Classic Motor Carriages/Fiberfab's offerings.

Biggest maybe but best is highly debatable. Perhaps this article written by a former CMC employee will shed some light on the "advertising and sales" tactics used by your company. Just because the name has changed doesn't mean the tactics and high-pressure sales have changed.


Also while I'm at it, how about an article that appeared in Car and Driver magazine a few years ago that will help shed a little more light on the dismal reputation and past history of Street Beast/Classic Motor Carriages/Fiberfab.

When all is said and done little has changed since the days of Fiberfab and CMC. The design is still a poor representation of the original, and the frame still leaves a lot to be desired. On the other side, customer service must have approved since as far as I can tell there are no pending law suits or BBB complaints and the quality of the fiberglass work is better. From my point of view, thats about all I can say good about the company.

Have I built a Street Beast? No. Would I build a Street Beast? Not even if it was free. Have I been badgered by Street Beast sales people? Yes, until I changed my phone number. You see I made the mistake of actually inquiring about one of their Cobra kits once. I'll never do that again, I can assure you.

It's too bad really, Street Beast's Willys and Cobra aren't too bad when it comes to fidelity to the original (although the Cobra is stretched a little). Its the molds for their street rods that were inherited from CMC and Fiberfab that are so terrible. It's too bad that Street Beast can't see how bad they really are and invest some of its profits into new molds and an improved design. Don't hold your breath for that to happen though.

Originally Posted by StreetbeastOptsMan
Is that the best you can come up with, Those artictle are more like 12 years old almost as old as this thread. You really need to stop referring this company to CMC and Fiber Fab, This has been turned over to our attorney and you will be contacted if not already , I dont think you have enough equity in those cars you own to withstand a Civil Liable Lawsuit , if I were you Id pull the plug on this thread immediately and walk away, and remove the Wiki site from your main page , let people find it on their own

Govern yourself accordingly

On page 19, post 275, you actually DID threaten or imply legal suit against this board. Maybe not against Jon himself, but you did try to use what is known as "libel freeze". You had a wonderful opportunity here to clear up some ongoing questions. Simply owning up from the start, and keeping away from the personal profane attacks would have given anything you had to say soooo much more credibility. Unfortunately, you started a spin and deception campaign, and have seriously lowered not only your own credibility and image, but that of the company as well. Can you turn it around? Possibly, but as I'm sure you have heard, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression".
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