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Originally Posted by lets cut it up
OK ill go with your thinking .....old you say.. OK Lets say for sake of argument ten years ago I sold you car under company name X. Lets say a 68 firebird. I pressured you into buying it because I had other buyers waiting. When it got to you it was NOT what is was supposed to be and was missing half the parts. You take my company to court for fraud. And lets say I plead guilty. NOW remember ten years ago this fictional scenario happened. Now fast-forward to now. I start company Y that sell cars. Lets say you have a brother who wants to buy I car from me .. What are you going to tell him......Go for it? I think not!
First of all, no one is pressuring me to buy anything. WTH is that supposed to mean anyway? New car dealers try pressure sales, go after them also then.
Second, if I have an issue with any company I'll deal with it as best I can. If I made a bad decision, it's my fault. Not this forum for not informing me.
Third, if asked I will volunteer my experience with others, ranting in a forum is not good feedback, but it does help some.

So I guess all of you are saying the original owner and all employees need to die or work somewhere else for it do be a different company?
No hint of the original can exist? If that's the case most any defunct company would never re-open regardless of why it closed.

I'm not defending the company, but you guys are just out of control with your relentless pursuit of vigilante justice for who knows what reason.

I have also yet to get a doable answer to my question. What do you want from SB as a company? And I mean real world advertising and marketing.
Other than not having a forum I see nothing else they can change.

The fact it doesn't fit your mold (pun intended) to use aftermarket parts of your choosing on another aftermarket part is not a valid reason to slam any company. I can't use DSE suspension parts without modifying the rear of my car, but it says it fits. The fine print and installation instructions show what must be changed, but I'm smart enough to know that up front.
Most car guys are not the entry level idiots you think they all are.

I also see nothing deceptive about their advertising, guess maybe I'm more informed than you think most people are?
It is what it is. A modified version of a car. A chopped top Outlaw is as well, but oh, you can use brand X parts on an Outlaw, that makes it OK?
Jeez, split hairs will ya!

I'm outta here, you guys keep beating the horse. Have fun.
What a bunch of curmudgeons.
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