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Originally Posted by Docc
Will these changes be retroactive as support for all those folks having great difficulties wth these sub standard LONG term problems.

Sure would go a long way to cleaning up the image..otherwise it's just a market driven approach for NEW customers..

"We had crap before..but now we changed" doesn't help those stuck with the obvious (needed changes) poor design and support.

The folks that put money into your company deserve more than those who MAY put money into your company..

Or does SB think this train of thinking is flawed ?
First off let me say that I have built enough cars of all types to say that there isn't a car out there that you can build fit and modify to suit your own taste and not have any problems with. Some people even built themselves up by boasting of how many problems they have had to overcome.

Now that having been said there are things we can do better and I had plans to improve the car even when we first built it 15-20 years ago. I just never had the chance at that time, but now I am back and those changes I wanted to make so long ago are going to happen.

Our cars are not crap, they have been built by people all over the country and around the world, in fact more of our cars have been built then any other company when you add up all our different models and by built I mean completed and driven.

That does not mean they cannot be improved, just like old Henry Ford's 1934 coupe has been improved by everyone who has ever built one with similar degrees of success.

I'd like to see some of you street rodders call up Ford and whine about how the mods some guy did 20 or 30 years ago were so badly done you had to tear the whole thing apart and start from scratch after you bought it.

There is a underlying hypocrisy in telling me that in a hobby where people routinely modify, fit, and hand build their cars to their own standards of excellence they then complain that our cars require the same sort of modifications fitment and assemble that street rodders normally do with anything or any car they get their hands on.

And it is hypocrisy to say on one hand that you completely stripped down a 1932 whatchamacallit and redesigned it in your own image to suit your ego, but couldn't build one of our cars because it is too hard for you to build.

If you examine the fiberglass street rod/kit car industry as a whole from the early sixties until today, our cars are more complete, easier to assemble, and a better value in the long run then anything out there.

They were designed to be that and not a prefect exact replica of an original 1934 ford coupe down to the chicken wire and rubber roof.

There is a reason some other companies sell their cars with the doors and the trunks fitted and mounted, their customers couldn't complete those tasks on their own, given the methods those factories use to assemble them on their cars.

I could if necessary rip to shreds the design of any other fiberglass kit car or street rod out their using the same exact criticism used on our cars, the only reason I choose not to is that it is not my style to bad mouth other companies, but I could.
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