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Originally Posted by Grandpa Cobra

But lets be honest about the street rod industry for once, it is every bit as cut throat as your worst claims about Street Beast, for one thing most of the fly by night splash trash rod shops make no attempt what so ever to sell a complete product, they depend on the customer to gather all the components they don't or cannot supply despite using the pictures of absolutely stunning professionally built cars in their brochures.

Street Beasts uses only customer built cars in their brochures, That is one of the major differences between Street Beasts and Classic Motor Carriages by the way, CMC never once placed a customer's car in their literature.

And as for fit and finish I know for a fact that those same splash trash garage types always use the same line " it's the customers responsibility to ensure proper fit" I'd like to see one example how the administrators and Moderators of this board have gone after any other company that sells the sort of trash some people pass off as a quality street rod body.

I've been going to Street Rod shows since 1976 and I know what is out there and what is passed off as better than ours because it is "more original" and I can only believe that the very selective attack on this company is nothing more than mass myopia driven by a few who stand to profit from their efforts.
Welcome Grandpa Cobra to

This website is moderated by volunteers entirely, the site is not for profit as you can see...there is no advertising.

All of us here support the forum and its members for one reason and one reason only...we love hotrods.

We have no control on who/what/when/where/how people post messages on this board, as a matter of fact we don't delete posts either...those get sent to the dump for everyone to see.

If a member posts a message on the board regarding his experience with a product or brand it is his right to do so, we have no creative control on the content except to ensure it is PG in its language.

If a member decides his experience with a product or brand was bad enough he has the right to contribute to the WIKI for others to review before they make a purchase, we maintain the WIKI to prevent abuse. has received numerous complaints and WIKI entries outlining their experiences with Streetbeast products as well as posting and contributing information regarding the companies history. For the most part this is easy to obtain on the web from newspaper articles etc.

Streetbeasts has a colored history, it is common knowledge. The entries in the WIKI are accurate and up to date. Streetbeast employees have attempted to edit the WIKI and attribute data to the owner of this website. This is easy to trace...we are web savvy here.

These representatives of Streetbeasts Inc. have acted maliciously with an attempt to blackmail in the hope we will remove negative WIKI entries on the threat of a lawsuit.

We denied you and your company that option as it is our right to speak our minds under the laws of the United States.

You sued and the owner.

Now I don't care if you make streetrod kits or fuzzy dice, if you make crappy ones and people notice the fact and post their experience with your product on our site...we will support their right to say so...thats why we are here.

So far not one of your customers has stepped up to defend your product or your company or outline their experiences with your products in the WIKI article. They have every right to do so and we welcome their input on the WIKI.

...but Sir, when your company attempts to blackmail innocent people who have no stake in your industry other than to foster communication in an attempt to silence those same people who might buy your product...

I think you might have a problem that is far larger than a simple WIKI article on the internet.

Don't you think?

We are just the messenger and as they say, the messenger has a license to carry for his own protection.

You shouldn't try to shoot him.

I will say this has got to be the dumbest attempt at blackmail and coercion to ever take place in modern history and definitely the most idiotic method of increasing your credibility in the kit car industry.

One thing is for sure, you will be lucky to be able to sell fuzzy dice after all is said and done. Because no matter what the outcome of the lawsuit is, your company will have created the worst public relations fiasco in recent memory...and in an industry as small as the kitcar one is you might have been better off shooting yourself in the head instead of the foot.

However we are not without mercy here at, when we see a criminal organization in its death throes and in pain, we will have no problem putting you down and out of your misery.

In conclusion Grandpa, you seem like a decent guy who is trying to do his best for the company he works for. You might want to consider how the fallout will affect your future income and employment opportunities, you might find that your affiliation with the Streetbeast organization will color you resume in a way you may not wish.

Keep up the good work, I wish you the best of luck in the future...I hope you find employment with an employer that values your work.
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