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Listen guys, I think the beating of these cars IS over the line. The BUSINESS practices, that is more than "opinion", that is fact and we know right from wrong. Insert a business name, and an industry name in place of Streetbeast and Kit car and show it to anyone and they will agree, POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE.

But when it comes to the cars and the parts not innerchanging and poor design and what not, this is mostly opinion.

These are KIT CARS they are not "replicas". I have spent a far amount of time around kit cars, built one, went to shows, bought and studied the magazines, there isn't but a couple I would ever buy. None of them would he a "replica" of another car. The only ones I would have ever interested me are the "Sterlings" and that sort of thing. There is a company who makes Ford GT-40s and stuff like that are SUPER high quality basically EXACTLY as the original. They are SUPER high buck hundred grand sort of prices.

That being said, the SB is a KIT CAR and no different than one of those VW powered MGA's. They are JUNK compared to a quality streetrod. But they NOT a streetrod.

Don't start talking about how floors are attached and such, have you ever looked at how a T bucket fiberglass body is attached to the floor?

Listen, it is a "Fake" 34 Ford just as EVERY SINGLE fiberglass car is!! You want something built "right", buy a REAL vintage car.

Have you guys spent any time looking at fiberglass car components, repro frames, steel repro bodies and the like at GoodGuys events? There is some real GARBAGE out there for sale! I mean DANGEROUS, JUNK.

How many of you have tried installing repro parts, I would assume many of you, how did they fit? LIKE CRAP most of the time, that's how.

I watched the guys video with him talking about the cars, and I believe him. I understand what he is saying about the "expectation" of the owners of these cars, that they can be put together in a week with simple tools by an accountant with zero auto experiance. The "expectation" of a streetrodder would be that these cars are built like a Downs body on Duece Factory rails with all the popular suspention componants (sorry I don't know the hip names being I would never buy anything from them).

These cars don't match up with either of these expectations, it isn't the cars fault, it is the expectations of the streetrodder and the accountants that are off the mark!

If they are MARKETED as a "Streetrod" just the same as all other streetrod componants are sold, THAT is wrong, it is NOT a "streetrod" it is a KIT CAR.

But that is again, the business practices NOT the car.

The car is a KIT CAR, that is all it is, just like a Fiberfab MGA, it is not perfect.

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