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Originally Posted by woodz428
I haven't been on much lately, because of shop work load. But, I have seen many Street Beasts vehicles as well as contact with their sales/management staff. I will not address anything other than the kits are NOT what they are promised to be. I do have issues with accuracy in replicas, not much for "license" in design mods. I can say that the 'glass is THICK on all the bodies I have looked at( they are regularly at the Hot Rod Trade Show every year in Indy), although I was always suspicious of the "flock" effect primer they are always shot in. I suspect it is to hide needed body work. While Centerline was pretty generous with his comments about the Willys and the Cobra, I don't feel the Willys is that accurate and the Cobras are less than they should be. Just go to the Club Cobra forum and look at the owners and the problems they have with tech help and parts, most have more than 4 years in assembly with many still unfinished. Frame bracketry is regularly poorly installed and needs removed and re-installed in the correct places. There are many issues with their Tech help as well as their Sales Tactics. Those that like them aren't as enthusiastic as those that have other replicas that they have built. My personal observation is that they are attempting to make some changes, but are falling far short of promises. As was pointed out all rods require some fabrication/mods to make right, SBs just seem to require more. They are most likely still paying off the judgement and those costs are right from incoming monies, I would be willing to bet. I have heard some Cobra builders comment that they ahve been receiving parts that they hadn't when they purchased from CMC, SB has been willing to make up some of the shortcomings. I don't know to what extent. Would I ever buy an SB, probably not for many of the reasons I mention and a few more. As a shop, I have dealt with many different companies and SB is not a singular example. Heritage before it was sold was worse, they are now operating as DaVicki LTD. or similar, BEWARE THEY ARE LYING CROOKS. Hot Rods& Horsepower (Dearborn Deuce) were not as bad as Heritage, but as bad as the SB. We had 6 cars on order and finally demanded a refund because of their inability to supply what they promised WHEN they promised. Jim Inglese was part of that crew so a major name doesn't prevent thievery either. Regardless of all the issues, MY Major objection to SB is their apparent attempt to quelch any negative comments with legal action.It would seem that making your product what you claim would be cheaper and more profitable than flushing it down the toilet with legal actions.
Jon, Lets sue the whole *********** industry , this is ridiculous

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