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Trav 09-28-2003 04:19 PM

Stuck in gear!! (4SPD)
well yestreday on the way to GM for some parts i come to a stop at a light.. with the clutch in.. go to take it outa 4th gear.. and it won't move.. i got mad and even kicked it.. so i roll to the side of the road.. first thing i did was check trany fluid.. i did change it about a year ago when i had the truck off the road.. this isnt the first time it has done this.. it did it a while back.. but popped out after a couple seconds.. but this time she was stuck.. so i wasnt out of fliud.. full.. so i jump back in and play around a bit more with it.. nothin.. so i call up a tow truck.. i live 5 minutes away from where i broke down.. when he came ha had to tow it from behind.. so he went around the block to turn around.. so i said ok if i jump in the truck and stick the 4 wheel drive in neutrual it should coast right? and i was right.. popped it in Neutrual on the transfer case.. then it rolled no problem.. so i tried shifting outa gear again.... and guess wut.. came out mover then ever.. but my question is why is it locking up like this?? the clutch is brand new.. and shifts fine every where i go... it was just one of those days.. also i have brand new trany mounts.. i'm thinkin the trany and transfe case locked together somehow? but y.. i don't want this to happen when im out on the road somewhere goin to the cabin, and then it don't come out for sure.. should i be worried about it?? bye the way the trucks a 1979 chevy 3/4 tone 4X4.. 350 with a 4 speed.. thanx for any ideas....

1954chevyrod 09-28-2003 04:39 PM

check the forks in the transmission. My old ford truck wouldn't come outta reverse because one of the forks was broken. Yours might be getting worn.

Trav 09-28-2003 09:41 PM

where abouts em i gona find the forks ont he tranny? internal right? im not familair with tranys at all.. but i'm willing to try everything once

302 Z28 09-29-2003 10:52 AM



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