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AHotRod 03-19-2002 04:34 PM

Suggestions on a brake/clutch pedal assembly
ok guys....I need a few of your ideas, I'm in need of a brake/clutch pedal assembly that I can reto into a '41 Willys coupe. I'm not sure wether or not I want to use a hydraulic clutch set up yet... do you have expierance in anything like this??? I guess I have done too many automatics...

57Chevyman 03-20-2002 04:18 AM

How about using the pedals out of a GM S series truck. This is a hydralic clutch setup. You may not like the feel of the hydralic clutch in a performance vehicle. If that is the case try the pedals out of a Chevy full size truck. Most of the ones made up to 87 or so were manual clutch.

Jim Weeks 03-21-2002 06:23 PM

Total Cost Involved in California has carried this in the past, and I have found them extreamly helpful when it comes to advise about their products. You might call them to ask if they have a pedal assembly that will work in your application and what is involved in the instalation.

norms37chevy 03-24-2002 03:33 PM

If your no where close to Cal. Gateway in Winfield Mo. carries a full line of Total Cost Involved products 636-566-6666. Ask for Jim Benny, hes the owner and he'll cut you a good deal and save you a bundle on shipping.

lakeroadster 03-24-2002 05:03 PM

If you are using a Ford tranny, use the clutch / brake pedal assembly out of an '83 - up Mustang. I salvaged the 5.0 H.O. motor, 4-speed trans. and clutch / brake pedal *** 'y. out of a '83 Mustang for my '27 Ford Roadster Pickup. The whole assembly unbolts and the cable clutch works great, especially with all the aftermarket heavy duty cables that are being made for 'stangs

F-1Rodder 04-02-2002 02:15 PM

You need to determine if you want to mount a hanging cluster from the firewall or bring it up through the floor. I don't like to see anything on the firewall that I don't have to put there, so I go through the floor. You can frequently modify the stock setup and mount an 8" vega vacuum canister behind it and it will all fit between the body and the frame rails. Take a look at some of the aftermarket units for sale. They are easy to copy and cost $200 less. Find the under floor units at swap meets. A dime a dozen.

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