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Originally Posted by Coodeville View Post
Just had an experience that I would like to share. Recently, I found a supplier here in Brooklyn that I decided to give my business to. In our conversation, he told me that he stocks 1/2 inch sewfoam. So instead of waiting for and missing FEDEX and UPS deliveries, I decide to take a ride to his business and pick up what I need. Well, once I got there, he tells me that he only has 1/4 inch available but has regular 1/2 inch foam. My days of getting upset and pissed are over. I looked at him and said, " Thanks anyhow" and walked out. Upon arriving home, I went online to a supplier and ordered what I needed. Total cost for what I needed was only 5 bucks more than what he would have charged me. My time and the frustrations of dealing with NYC parking are worth a hell of a lot more than that.
shocking, you called and he said he stocks it, but did you ask if he had any instock. before you drove there.. brick and mort buzinesses have to limit stock on hand as they need the cash not tied up in stock..inventory..
2 reasons for this, the economy is still in the tank, and most haven't forgot what the banks did to them in the credit crunch, dropping credit lines.. and #2 is the online vender.. that doesn't need a storefront and can be out of a lowrent dump area and no one cares because they never step foot into the "surplier" taxes are going to ski rocket because the city/towns are loosing money as the local storefronts go under..
the last few years they've use traffic tickets as a stop gap.. most are almost bankrupt.. your taxes are next, in my state, income tax/property tax/ milage tax(they want to tax you per mile driven a year) and they are going to force amazon to collect sales tax starting nov 2014..
my local won't be the only one to do this.. online shopping, has killed most tax coffers, and the tax man is now got his sights set on them.. and you..
what ever you save in buy'n on line you'll pay out double in taxes going up..
just like any amont you save buy'n imported goods, we'll pay 5 times what we save in interest on the money we borrow to pay unemployment/etc..
yes shopping online is nice.. everyone does it.. me included. either because there are no local stores anymore or to buy AMERICAN MADE.. but the hammer is about to fall..
very soon
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