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Wakborader that does suck,I lost my first home to eminent domain laws a few years ago.However I am in a much better situation,and the Airport noise where I lived at was already overbearing,especially with UPS jets taking off and landing continuously.
Eminent Domain laws like what you and I were affetcted by have been around forever.They have always been used to build roadways,schools or other "Public Use" areas such as firehouses,Police Stations,etc.
What the new law does is allow the Government to take YOUR property,and turn it over to PRIVATE INDUSTRY,to generate MORE TAX DOLLARS,for the government in your area.The battle happened in Conneticut,where owners of homes on a beachfront lost their homes to the city,so private orginizations can build resorts.Now we all know the elected officials are getting their pockets padded by the resort company,and stores which will be built there.One homeowner has lived in her home ALL her life,it was her parents home,where she was born,and now the Gov.,takes it from her.
Here is another kick in the ****,if your property appraises for $200,00,but the gov.determines it is a "blighteted" area.They can offer you as little as they want to and acquire it for next to nothing.Watch out,the corruption is soon to start all over America with this Head Up The **** ruling by the Supreme Court.

And if any of the Justices were to lose their property to Emminent Domain laws (Yeah,right!!) They would definently be coming out on the good end of the stick at taxpayers expense.Chances are they would have a stake in the corporation,or buisness going up.You can sure bet that no strip mall or gas station will get property owned by Stevens,Kennedy,Souter,Ginnsberg,and Breyer.Isn't it great that there are no term limits for these idiots who are appointed rather than elected into their politically charged cozzy world.Once again,a big **** the Supreme Court!!!

We want to put a parking garage on your property,here is $20.00,GET LOST!!
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