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surface rust

Originally Posted by 78 monte
I have allot of surface rust popping up through the primer on my car.And a large patch on the roof were body work was started and never finished(not me).
A freind of mine suggested I use rust mort on the car. I am limited on body tools etc.... as I nolonger have a garage or access to a compressor(DA etc//) just an electric palm sander and a dream(...or....nightmare???).
So what would be the best method of going about fixing surface rust.Do I sand as far down as I can get then rust mort???Rust mort then sand???
Any advice would be appriciated.
My goal at this point is just to stop the rust progression and cover the car in flat black primer. I can fix dents etc.... afterwards as I go.
your problem is incorrect prep. after removing rust,there is still microscopic rust,plus bare metal will start rusting as soon as it is in contact with air. You NEED to remove rust you can see. THEN USE A METAL CONDITIONER (metal prep. Follow the directions. It will leave a faint white haze on metal. Prime. REMEMBER PRIMER IS POURUS,which is how paint adheres to it. NEVER JUST PRIMER. SEAL PRIMER WITH AT LEAST ONE COAT OF PAINT. Improper prep ALWAYS CAUSES YOUR PROBLEM. The average person thinks that removing rust that can be seen solves the problem. If not done CORRECTLY,IT ONLY MAKES IT WORSE. METAL PREP and SEAL PRIMER. PRIMER IS POURUS TO ABSORB PAINT AND UNCOATED WILL ABSORB MOISTURE, SEAL IT WITH A TOP COAT (PAINT) THAT WILL NOT ABSORB MOISTURE. I would add MOISTURE IS ALWAYS PRESENT IN THE AIR.
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