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sizemoremk 08-13-2003 09:41 PM

Synthetic for break in? What weight ? (engine and cam break in that is)
I have completed my first rebuild and need some ideas on break-in and which oil to use, etc.

I have heard of several methods of cam break in, and others for engine break in, which will work for both?

This is a Ford inlie 240 Inline 6 in a F100 pickup.

What guidance for priming do ya'll have?

I used some autozone "engine asembly lube, and checked oil clearance with the plastiguage, etc etc... all looks well before final assembly. I plan on applying a little more assembly lube to the cam lobes through the lifter holes just before priming and startup becasue I'm affraid that the lube on there has gotten warm and dripped off. Is this a good idea???

BTW, I am in Alabama gets hot and humid and not too awefully cold in the winter (maybe rarely below 30F), what spec oil after breakin? I've heard too many good things about Mobil1, so I will be using it in the future! I just want to know if I should break-in with it...

Thans guys!

and Gals:D

What I used for engine assemnbly lube was:

Coastal engine assembly lube. "Anti-seize formula"

It is a petrolium hydrocarbon lubricant and organometallic Zinc..

I have nwo read to use a cam lube for cams and an engine assembly lube for crank journals, etc...

Have I screwed up?
The tube says it is for everything including camshafts... valve stems, gears, and all moving metal to metal contact points...

There was no cam lube with my Crane cam either... it is an "RV cam."

mnardo 08-13-2003 09:59 PM

Use dinosaur oil for breakin the synth works so well it wont allow the parts to wear in. then afterthe second or third oil change start using mobil 1 or castrol synth. I use it in all my new cars after the first change it works great!!

CustomChrome 08-13-2003 10:10 PM

I agree with mnardo!

Grusome Goat 08-13-2003 10:21 PM

Just a quick word of advice if your running a Crane cam and have problems with the camshaft and use synthectic oil Crane will void the warranty. So if you plan on using a Crane cam you have to use conventional oil.

sizemoremk 08-13-2003 10:47 PM

How exactly do they warranty a cam anywyas???

How could you ever prove you changed the oil, didn't run oil too low, use old lifters, run the piss out of it????

I don't think I care much about it, it would probably be easier to just replace it anyways...

Heck this aint really a hotrod truck...just an ole truck. I went with the crane cam for the heck of it... and the 4bbl intake.... and the holley 4bbl (the small 390 cfm one), LOL i guess all for the heck of it:D

I am more concerned with getting it all broken in right now.

I am also concerned with this autoozone lube....

What exactly is non-detergent oil???

I read that I should use it...

302 Z28 08-14-2003 04:50 AM

A lot of hot air from Crane IMO. How in the world are they going to prove you ran synth oil if you have a problem. Also this goes against everything industry knows about synth oil. If they recommend conventional oil for brekin, and not synth, I can agree with that. If however they recommend never running synth oil, they have no research to support that position.


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