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Originally Posted by sqeezeit View Post
Are the speedo drive gears all the same physical size?I ask because I have a smaller tooth gear housing and the speedo gear doesnt even make contact with the drive gear on the output shaft?Someone told me that I might need the 40-45 tooth housing because it offsets the gear more to make contact?I am just wondering if its not something with the drive gear being wrong also.Any one have any ideas.I guess I hate to buy new housing and still not work.
As noted by several before me, you cannot mix and match speedo gears and housings. The gears (40 & up) with larger tooth counts are larger in diameter than the smaller gears (39 & under) to accommodate the extra teeth. The larger diameter requires a different offset so the teeth make proper contact with the drive gear.

If your gear and housing match, then you have a different problem, possibly, as noted above, a missing or loose drive gear.

What is confusing to me here is that you say you have the smaller housing (39 & under I presume), yet your gear does not contact the other gear. If you had a mismatched housing and gear in this instance, you could not even insert the assembly into the transmission without using a bigger hammer and ruining the gear(s) in the process.

How about counting the teeth on the driven gear and posting the tooth count and the casting number(s) on your housing? There may be something else at play here that is not obvious without more info.
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