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Originally Posted by rick 427 View Post problem,happens to the best of us....As far as the spacer thing..if you are going to space it back to break in the motor,then unbolt the trans again to remove the spacers,whats the purpose of even having the trans there in the first place? Why not just leave it on the floor until the motor is all squared away,then put the trans in? Even with the spacers,there is no guarantee that the TC won't walk out of the trans that little bit while the motor is running.When we disconnect a TC from the motor to isolate a vibration issue,1 person has to be under the car with a large screwdriver to hold the TC into the trans to prevent it from doing this while the motor is running,or sure enough,it will work its way back towards the flywheel.And our run time is only a matter of seconds.
Rick, that is a valid concern with the TC walking out... My rationale is that I wanted them mated up to have the motor essentially mounted at 3 points (transmission xmember being the 3rd) instead of how it is now, with just the 2 side mounts. This is my first break in and I don't know what to expect from torque and what not, just wanted to have the motor fastened nice and tight in place. As the motor sits now I have leveled it by strategically placing hockey pucks in locations between it and the frame that hold it up... i dont know if this is sturdy enough to perform a break in with but it has held it this way just fine at rest while the transmission has been out. I was also under the impression that removing the spacers would be a piece of cake after the break in, just do one at a time and it does not need to be dropped....

My other thought was to simulate your screwdriver method by placing some flat bar stock bolted between the block and housing and extending in front of TC, bent so that pushes it back like a big flat finger. I saw this in my book.
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