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79z28dude 11-26-2012 04:58 AM

t56/tr6060 questions
alright down to the point on this one... ive found a guy who has a 6 speed manual from a 2010 camaro ss with about 10K on it...he said it was a t56 but after research im finding that its a they are pretty much the same transmission, and they both will be fine behind my vortec 383 (425-450 hp) and ive been wanting to go to a manual overdrive anyway... i would be trading a hunting rifle for the transmission...the overdrive gain would be 43% compared to my turbo 350....

my problem is that i know the t56 is a great transmission, and everyone says that the tr6060 is a improvement over the t56.... everyones thoughts on the tr6060??? i simply just dont know if i could buy t56 parts to do the install on my 79 z28 with a gen 1 sbc...

vinniekq2 11-26-2012 05:47 AM

Its one of the most popular swaps now.What is the hesitation?Must be a nice rifle,,,,

79z28dude 11-26-2012 06:03 AM

I am hesitant to doit becuaseji didnt know if the parts for tge t56 would the tr6060.....specifically the crossmember and scatter shield that i would have to.use....i build and use precision rifles at work....

79z28dude 11-26-2012 06:33 AM

Apparently after getting off the phone with tremec its impossible to get the tr6060 mounted to a gen 1sbc

aisr 11-30-2012 12:25 PM

It would also need a special driveshaft, the TR6060 does not use a slip yoke.

AutoGear 11-30-2012 01:27 PM

There are a few obstacles; I think some guys on the Team Chevelle boards and NastyZ28 have ventured into this territory.
If it had a fixed yoke, that is going to be an issue; also the camaro factory driveshaft has a dampener of sorts on it as well.

The TR6060 uses a short bell (called a clutch housing or clutch cover) which is removeable (there is a plate that is at the front of the transmission, this houses the pump and acts as the front bearing support). I'd bet that getting the proper amount of pilot standout is going to take some doing. Its certainly NOT impossible; but it may be more work than you're willing to tackle.

Also note that this trans uses a VSS and not a mechanical speedo. Lastly, depending on what you're putting it in, the shifter may or may not be where you want it (there are remote shifter mounts etc to cure this)

Lastly, this is a portly girl to be hoisting over your head, and it WILL require tunnel surgery in almost any car made before probably 2000; anyones guess on how much surgery though. Now you'll probably have to modify the crossmember, and then you'll have the concentric slave cylinder thats bolted to the front cover for your hydraulic clutch that is used. You should probably get a junkyard 2010 camaro pedal assembly to match the stroke.

Yes its possible, its been done before; but its not for someone without fab skills and patience. There may be kits to install this in your chassis that simplify it, but you'll have to do your homework 1st. Its a spendy transmission; a synchro ring kit is over half a grand and the 7 tapered bearing sets will run you probably $200 alone. Its worth a bunch and there are guys that would love to have it. If you decide you want to resell it or trade it for a different trans, I'd be glad to give you some shops who take cores (I don't).

You're probably better off finding an early T56 with the external slave cylinder. However, avoid the (rare) 3.36:1 1st gear used in some F cars. I had to find a 1st gear for one for a guy on the forums and it took a long list of contacts to track one down for the guy. 2.66 is a fine 1st gear; use 3.73s. 2.97 is more common; I'd use a 3.42 or 3.55:1 rear gear

79z28dude 12-01-2012 06:44 PM

lol funny you should mention
i have found a t56 out of a camaro... last gear is a 0.5... 60K on it.. comes with a clutch and fly wheel (the clutch has ok at best reviews on the net).. will prob not even use it keep it as a spare... heres my question now... this t56 came off of a camaro with a lt1... from what i hear its that this will bolt right up to the back of my gen 1 SBC....i know i will need a fly wheel, pedal assembly , shorten my driveshaft and slave cylinder... but what else would i need?
my car is a street strip car with no center console so im not worried about taking a cut off wheel to it....

is it possible to mod the current cross memeber for my th350??? what clutch would i use>? one ment to go in the LT1? i am def in need of info here... opinions are welcome....

also ive never installed a trans mission before but here on ft bragg we have a auto skills center where ase retired mechanics work.... they wont do the work but they "coach" you on what to do.. ive build engines and chassis and alot of other stuff before... i feel confident that i could do it with some one helping... but i am naturally nervous about getting into this.... what else am i missing>?

AutoGear 12-03-2012 07:01 AM

Has a parts breakdown. Make sure you have the Clutch Release Fork (B8), the Fork Pivot Bolt (B9), the T-shaped Fork Pivot-nut (B10; this clips into the clutch fork and is shaped like an uppercase T); and the Slave Cylinder Adapter Bracket (B13). All these parts carry a 13-86 Tremec part number. The T-nut is discontinued; but we drew up a design for "Hawk's Third Generation" in Easley, SC. They are the only ones carrying this part. They also usually stock the Bracket and the Clutch Fork.

Probably the best first hand knowledge on the conversion is going to come from the NastyZ28 guys. An overhaul kit for this trans is a little over $500. This doesn't include any gears. Reverse on the mainshaft is usually replaced during a rebuild and thats probably another $200. If it's never been opened, you'll want the 3-4th gear iron shift fork (factory replacement for aluminum shift fork Tremec PN TNEC0843 around $60).

Make sure you get the 'Tag Number' so you can identify the assembly in case you need parts. Listed at the top part of the first page of PDF; Remote Slave Cylinder; 1386-009 or 016. The -017 or -020 assemblies (under Concentric Slave have the slave cylinder inside the transmission and are originally from LS1 applications which will be more involved to install, so do your homework before you buy.

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