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xpsyclonex2002 03-04-2008 09:22 PM

tack clothes from Home Depot
The tack clothes you use before spraying, are they the same type that you can buy at Home Depot paint department or are they a special type? I am afraid they will leave a wax/oil on the car.

BarryK 03-05-2008 04:45 AM

Basically a tack rag is a tack rag but there are differences.

First, what decides how effective the tack cloth works is how "tightly wound" the weave is. The smaller the little squares and more squares per square inch the better the grade.
Next concern is the amount of glue used, if you are cleaning saw dust off of wood a blue tack cloth make for clear-coats with less glue is not going to work very well.
Will it work on your car? Yes if you are careful.

There are a lot of different grades of tack cloths made but the variances come down to the glue and weave.

Auto manufacturers are very picky about the the weave and usually the ones they buy are special made for them, as that type of weave would drive the cost up too high for selling in the "automotive refinish market"

OEM plane manufacturers are the same way and one I know have their own test before anyone is allowed to use the tack cloth.
They break the cases down by batch numbers and an engineer will take a tack cloth from each batch, lay it on a piece of metal and lean on it for 30 seconds, if it leave glue, they won't use it.

I would go to an autopaint store and pick one up.

302 Z28 03-05-2008 06:50 AM

I agree with what Barry has said, don't try and cut money here. Go to an auto paint jobber to get your tack cloths from them. Also when using them do not push down too hard, like you are wiping up a spill :pain: . That will leave the residue from the tack cloth deposited on your paint surface and cause all kinds of problems. just a very light pass, a drag if you will across the surface is all that's needed.


cboy 03-05-2008 07:05 AM

Vince and Barry are the go-to guys on this sort of stuff. The only thing I would add is that if you go to the major paint supplier sites on the web you will find an assortment of tacks and each has its recommended tasks. I ended up buying two different grades, one is basically for fillers & primers and the another for paints and clears. Don't ask me the I'm not sure it matters. For the cost (I bought them by the dozen and they were still pretty darn inexpensive) you can't really go wrong in using what the paint supplier recommends.

fisher57 03-05-2008 07:37 AM

I agree totaly with the others. When i get ready to use my tac rag i completely unfold it and wad it up into a loose fluffy ball and gently go over the surface. I have seen a few fellas just take it out of the package and go to town on a car, basicly dragging around the dirt and grinding it into the freshly painted surface. quality is a must and re-do's are unacceptable :thumbup:

MARTINSR 03-05-2008 08:05 AM

Quality tack rags 50 cents to a buck. Vs Quality paint and clear $500.00-$1000 or more.

1 hour drive back to the paint store for tack Rags. Vs 40 hours to re-do paint.



surfacepreptech 06-03-2009 03:55 AM

professional tack cloths
...from an expert in the design, manufacture and application of tack cloths...

There is a great variety of quality and types in tack cloth designs. Big differences can be found in the tack chemistry and resin application process. Also, there is a variety of textile (cloth) types on the market, from the common cotton gauze "cheesecloth" types in various grades, to the "lint free" non-fibrous synthetic materials.

Auto manufacturers are very particular about the quality of tack cloths they use, and the newer lint free types are most common. These are difficult to find in commercial body repair markets, and not at all available in retail. But a good commercial body repair supplier should be able to offer a good quality of tack cloth -- both the tack chemistry and cloth type -- and discuss it with you.

There is technical and contact information on our web site at *****.com, and we welcome your questions.

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