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Originally Posted by SHIFTY101EASY
i do disagree that they look ugly on a mustang though.....even though my 68 has Shelby style lights, they don't look like "bad"......
Your right, I LOVE those Mustangs, 65-66 Fastback is one of my favorite cars of all time, including the Tail lamps. When I see them on another car I just get shivers because they are SOOOOOOOOOO recognizable. A tail lamp swap should be smooth, it should look like it was made for the car. Those 64-66 Mustang tail lights were WAY over used in sixties and seventies on everything from Model A coupes and sedans to F-100s and custom Vans. And every single time you saw them on another car all your mind thought was "Ahh Mustang taillights" because they are SOOOOOOOO recognizable. When the tail lamps looks like it belongs there and people have to ask you "What did those tail lamps come from?" THAT is when it works. Its like having big lamb chop side burns, you look like you are trying to be Elvis. Other people wore them, but it screams ELVIS. To make these 67-68 Lights work you even have to almost cut the tail panel out of a Mustang and do a bizare morph of it into the back of a Model A, it just doesn't "work".

By the way, you don't have 68 Shelby tail lights on your car, you have 6? Thunderbird, because that is what the Shelby used!

Originally Posted by SHIFTY101EASY
if you think it looks good though, then really, go with what you think, because in the end, its YOUR car, and your going to want it to look the way YOU WANT...not what other people want....and if your not happy with it, you wont enjoy it to the fullest cuz u will always have that little voice of regret in the back of your head.....
You know, I am thought of as being harsh on this subject. People will say "you think you know it all" or "it isn't your car" (DUH). I agree, if I walked up to a car and a guy asked "How do you like my car", I wouldn't tell him his Mustang tail lights don't look good. But we are being ASKED, "What do you think?", while still in the planning stages, "What do you think?". I am just telling it the way I see it, I'm sorry.

I thought of this very subject while watching the first rounds American Idol. There are a LOT of young people who go there who simply can't sing. They can't carry a tune in a friggin bucket. Yet SOMEONE has told them they can. They will have family members supporting them telling them how wrong the judges were, all the while they SUCK. So they go there thinking they are the next Aretha Franklen and get their hearts ripped out of their chest on national TV. They have parents and grandparents who want to be "nice" and tell them that they sing well.

I am that honest grandmother who tells it like it is because I love you. "Honey, I have to tell you, those tail lamps from a 67 Mustang just don't work on a Model A. No more than the Model A tail lamps would work on the Mustang. That doesn't make you a bad car builder, you're a good car builder. I know you will think of something that is different but will still work and look good so you can be proud that it is YOU without being so different that it doesn't fit the car. You know I love you with all my heart and I know you want a totally cool Model A, and you will have that totally cool Model A, with some totally cool taillights, just keep looking, you'll do it. I love you, you're my little car designer."

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