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Tbi and Feedback quadrajet compatibly

Well I've been around the forums for awhile now and I've finally decided to join, tons of great info.

Anyway, I recently picked up a 1989 Caprice wagon that was converted from a 305 tbi to a 350. I was told the 350 was from a 1986 suburban. Its mated to a 200-4r. While I'm fairly experienced mechanically I'm not to great with electronics, I've been stumped by a few things. The problem I'm facing seems to be do to the swap. The car is sluggish, seems to run rich and the secondaries don't open(its not because of the choke lock out, no vacuum leaks either). It has a quadrajet (17087130 0717 JSD) which decodes to an 87. The engine could be from a later suburban or the carb is replaced, but that doesn't really matter. From what I can tell the carb is somehow hooked up to the original ecm.

I read somewhere that on some of the quadrajets off of 80's trucks had a dual capacity pump solenoid in stead of a mix solenoid. If this is so, how can I tell? I don't think it can be a mix solenoid since I believe that requires input from the O2 sensors, which are nowhere to be found on this car.

Unfortunately I can't really drive the car much to tell if the converter is even locking up at highway speeds, That could be a clue if the ecm was working with the carb. (not registered or insured, plus its fenced into my backyard under a tent for now).

In the end, I'm looking to correct the car since the swap seems to be done wrong. I know I'm lacking details on the on problems and the set up of the car. My main question is, Is it possible for my quadrajet to be hooked up to this ecm correctly?

Is there anyway to see if the setup is right from observation? ( I haven't driven it more than five miles and driving more isn't really an option.) I'm trying to get the car ready to drive it to and from school twice a week. I'm staying with a quadrajet. I think I'm going to just buy a non-feedback quadrajet to rebuild , a new distributer and wire a lockup switch.

What do you guys think? I might be a prematurely assuming problems and the carb might just need a little tune. What options do I have? The biggest question is the one above. Can it be hooked up correctly to the original wiring and ecm? I know that I might be lacking too much info to to answer this question but any help or guidance is greatly appreciated. I know there is alot knowledge on this forum, looking to tap some of that.

PS. I've searched alot! Don't be too hard on me!
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