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Hawkfan 07-16-2012 06:03 PM

TCI 700R4 Trans pressure bouncing around?
I have a TCI 700R4 trans hooked up to a 454 with a mildly modified cam. When I try to do a trans pressure check, the pressures jump around from approximately 140 to 160 psi while in park. When I put it in gear, it will drop to about 120, hold steady for a moment then start bouncing around again.
Would this be normal due to the modified cam? Im trying to adjust the TV cable and the directions say to move the slider until the pressure changes by 2 to 4 psi and thats hard to do when the pressure is bouncing around.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

rick 427 07-17-2012 09:24 PM

That pressure should... A] stay about the same going from park to drive B] not be that high at MIN T.V.pressure[idle] C] not bounce around;all assuming the motor is at a decent idle try this first...see if the pressure goes even higher as you increase the engine rpm's,for reference purposes,and they SHOULD NOT,as those #'s are MAX t.v #"s [w.o.t.],not min t.v.#'s that you are reading now ......then try backing off the T.V. cable adjustment, and see if the pressures settle down. It should be in the 75-90 psi range at min T.V.[idle] in P and OD / 3......rev. will be a bit higher, manual 2 and 1 higher yet,about 150 psi. And as the rpm's increase,the psi #'s will go up in P-R-OD and 3......see what happens at that point.......if the pressure doesn't settle down into those #'s, it's possible that the pressure reg. valve in the pump is hanging open.

Hawkfan 07-18-2012 07:09 PM

Thanks Rick
Thanks for the input Rick. I had various conversations with TCI yesterday and they too pointed to the sticking valve. I followed their reccomendations, made some adjustments on the TV cable, took the car for a ride and it appears that everything has come together.
Again, Thanks Rick.

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