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Thanks for the replies.....The 454 will be installed probably in 2-3 years so I'm just going to forget about it until that day is here.

You're right about the cam, too much of it on the street. When the existing tranny was working, the car responded pretty good. My buddy tried to race me with his rice acura gsr. He took off first and by the end of 2nd gear it was over. I EASILY had him by 5-6 car length. The funny thing is that I didn't really floor it.

I did take it to an empty stretch of road. I maped out a quarter mile and timed it. When I took off the wheels slipped a little but caught about a half second later. This time I did floor it and I heard something I have never heard before. It sounded like a freight train inside the tunnel ram. Air just rushing into the tunnel ram via dual carbs. I just let go of the gas, remembered of the time and stepped on it again. Honestly, I didn't have the pedal all the way down, the tunnel ram noise just spooked me. I finished with a stopwatch time of 13.86. I know I could of went faster......So what was I talking about...Oh yeah my cam.

I think it's good for the strip but I want something I can drive around town without having the cops look at me with a "Should I stop him" look on there faces. Also, the tranny that I want to get is not recommended for supercharger use. Now if I do install the 454 I will have a blower on it. What tranny would you recommend that will handle the my existing engine and the future one?
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