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lowROLLERchevy 02-25-2004 01:11 AM

tell me what ya think- 69 chevy c-10
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alright ... i just wanna see what people think of my project ... what i mostly want is input on the cab rework im going to be doing - heres the SHORT list of body mods (the full list is at least 40 different major mods[list=1][*] custom "Nomad" concept car style grill[*] deepley recessed grill mesh (floater grill look) [*] shaved hood peak[*] shaved cowl vent louvers[*] front whelwells stretched forwad (in pic below)[*] shaved rockers[*] cab stretched 8 inches (in pic below)[*] top chopped 2 1/2 inches (in pic below)[*] one piece door glass to shave the vent windows[*] shaved sideglass window frame [*] shaved door handles [*] shaved drip rails[*] windsheild leaned way back to keep stock height glass (in pic below)[*]fleetside style bed narrowed to stepside width, 47 chevy truck style rear fenders molded on[*]bed welded to cab[*]tailgate welded shut[*]taillight made out of dual 40 LED stips on either side (1/4 inch wide slit max. )[/list=1]

all riding on 18 / 20 inch wheels , max front roll pan ground clearance will be about 5 inches .... max 8 inches at the rear roll pan. No air bags, all steel springs! 455 poncho dual quad w/ a t76 turbo (aiming for 750 street hp) and a full steel / fiberglass interior done somewhat like the dash in the split window corvettes (i promise .... wont be a ricer style fiberglass dash with all kids of tv's and playstations poking out) roll cage, 5 point harnesses ...... sound good ?

pics below ........ not my personal truck .... stolen from online ..not trying to pose ..... top is stock, bottom is my photoshop mods

bonuts 02-25-2004 01:25 PM

Nice trucks, I am a bit partial to Step-Sides, as my dad had his for years. I like the stock roof height though. His is lowered 6" in front 7" rear. I think theres a pic of it in the back ground in my album. Once its out of storage I'll put up some more of it.


poncho62 02-25-2004 01:36 PM

Not partial to the "big wheel low profile tire" thing, but to each their own.........looks like it will be a sharp truck.

BTW, I like the stock roof also.

lowROLLERchevy 02-26-2004 01:45 AM

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im a big fan of mildly chopped tops .... i dont liek when people remove 5 inches out of something but i think on a truck this long a 2 1/2 inch chop isnt extreme or out of place.
removing the window surrounds on the doors will actualy give the roof BACK some of the visual height because they are a little over an inch wide themselves. making the "total chop" @ the top of the side windows a mere 1 3/8 ... but allowing me to stretch the cab my 6-8 inches retain the stock windsheild, and keep from breaking a dozen windsheilds just to cut one good one

this way i can crossbrace the windsheild opening, cat the inner braces at the bottom behind the back ... lean it back till it lines up w/ the roof and weld it all back together solid ... the bottom of the a-pillars look kinda goofy anyways ... so it will give me a chance to fix that too

yea i know ... im nuts .... but if people dont think your nuts sometimes ... your not pushing boundries and your not creating new rules .....

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