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What, did I scare everyone away with that response?

As I posted in another thread, I stopped by the local big bodyshop supply today and talked to them about it, explained the situation (race car/project car that will probably not see a real paint job for 2 or more years), and they actually gave me EXACTLY the same advice that they gave me so many years ago, “Use an etching primer, over bare metal, over body work, once it bonds itself down it will seal it up and you don’t have to worry about rust.” They even recommended the same brand of stuff as they did years ago (don’t remember what it was but it’s the stuff that’s sort of olive colored).

I told him that and got a bunch of very surprised looks. No mater what I didn’t think that old school etching primer was a good idea over body work and mentioned epoxy… They didn’t seem happy with that thought at all.

I finally asked about “well, what about just mixing up a minimum amount of whatever the cheapest top coat you stock is in a matching color and using that? What would that run?” “I couldn’t tell you without a paint color.” I was prepared… it’s a 1987 GM 74 “flame red metallic” and even had some paint chips stuck to some packing tape I my wallet since GM used that paint code for half a dozen other reds since then and they were all totally different and I’ve been having problems finding any touch up paint at all for it.

For the smallest amount (for the life of me I don’t remember if it was a pint or a quart now) of acrylic enamel, reducer and hardener it was going to be $67. Now if I was doing a full, real paint job then fine, actually that would be a GREAT price to do the whole car, even 2x that would be OK (it’s still single stage and enamel, if I was doing it for real I’d probably be using BC/CC), but for just something to cover up/protect some body work and make it look presentable from 50’ away… that’s hard to swallow.

Especially since it’s basically the same technology as the rustoleum that I can get for $7.xx/quart. I actually stopped at the hardware store on the way home and found that rustoleum’s normal and pro enamel comes in a “regal red” that the paint chip is a dead ringer for my paint chips (and I’m sure would blend well enough to look good 50’ away) in gallons, quarts and half pints, oh and spray cans (would probably use one of my hvlp guns to spray it down)

Common guys… there has to be a better answer to this out there. I’m really trying to avoid perpetuating the “car painted with rustoleum” thing.
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